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  1. Queeg500

    A song I did

    most definitely interesting. i like the backwards intro.
  2. only in cartoon form. im safe for a while still.
  3. hahaah i love it. i look good! Nirvana shirt and all! =) win!
  4. beaten to it. that site is probably the best. also, here are pics of Jonny's pedal boards:
  5. Thom would go down like a sack of bricks.
  6. he thinks about whether he's gonna be a musician, a politician or a family man the next day.
  7. i watched porn once and paused it when the girl was going down on the guy and drew that. i gave it to some girl who absolutely hated me.
  8. this one is far too hard. anyone agree? everyone agree?!
  9. surely Radiohead will be included.
  10. ive always believed you can either draw or you can't. I never really did think that you could 'learn'. But that's not to say you can't of course. It's just something that has never really occured to me. Im a half decent artist. I've done a few decent drawings and a painting im particularly proud of but im desperate to be able to draw really realistically. Someone on this forum did the most amazing drawing of Thom and i was totally in awe and filled with jelousy! If it is indeed possible to be taught to draw like that then i'll certainly be joining you in learning, friend.
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