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  1. well she just proposed an exemple, that shows the importance not to "baisser les bras" (= let the arms falling) not to think" ah yeah it's hawful but we (that means I) can't do anything ..." and not only do that but disgust other people to try anything by telling them it's unusefull & that it won't work. in a way if you continue the terrible exemple of AIDS medecine it's criminal.
  2. seriously what can they do (what has is done? ) ??
  3. radiococoocow : of course if you always say yes to everything even if you desagree, nothing will ever change .... i.e activism permit to fabrick low price medicine anti-AIDS. the people still alive thanks those antiretrovirus gives reason to the one that fight in the south africa conference.(and shows you how wrong YOU are). notpayingattention : if somone has a ticket to much i'm sure he copuld find around him somone who will be interress for the NORMAL price for the ticket. if not theu simply could send it back to radiohead...that would pleased the people that are purchasing a ticket... ticket vigilante 1.can somone explain me more simply what yu're doing exactly ? 2. i don't have any count at e-bay . just send them mail saying it's illegal to resale a ticket wouldn't that be enough 3.what are we risking really ? muss we give our credit card number?? my english i to poor for that law things ...
  4. 1. i aggreed to e-mail and get a ticket thing : the first that send the mail get them.. with the name on the ticket. 2. I won't buy a ticket on e-bay even if i could, and i 'd die to see radiohead in london. it's just ethicly wrong. 3. the e-bay brake done thing is funny but isn't WASTE 's role to "porter plainte " to officially complain and ask the ticket back ?? ask to the people that sale the ticket i suppose if they want their money they're oblige to give a name or at list an bankadress.... 4.about the album release/tour date.Radiohead often make gig Before releasing the disc so that's not possible. (plus it's very difficult to find out wher to play fix dates ...etc long time before . !!!I WANT TO SEE RADIOHEAD LIFE THIS YEAR !!!
  5. i NEED that "nude" album... you knowlitlletom you really make good
  6. What *? * phil is mikael stipe ??? (you know that bald guy from REM ) ??
  7. well you're soo sweet to explain it to me ! really. (but i get it .) twas just my way to say it's funy. oh by avante guarde you mean avant-guarde ? (we don't pronouce the t in french) although thanks a lot
  8. i'm soooo sad . i didn't get the baggel joke:( nobody's perfect!
  9. they are playing ?? where where ??? :paranoid_ :paranoid_
  10. and nobody talked about monbiot..;of course it's although the only things we could really do before to listen to that new album . if you don't know how to interpret thom's lyric, art or postcard ...just go and read his articles http://www.monbiot.com and drugs again ,seriously who cared ... the man who can do a nuclear war is accro to bretzel ,and was(?) alcoholic (plus he seems to hear the voice of god)--that's not only interesting and should make you react but it's although scarying!
  11. about meeting Blair why not if it's with precise propositions and if get out and saying mister blair is going to do that , that and that ..;if he doesn't yu've got a pression point .plus blair won't be reelected now.(will he?) to put eolian fields,oblige fabricks in putting new chimney , to start a real recycling filiales you and bikes road you need politics (who had the power) and the public MUST particip too in using more often the public transport! how do you english people obtain new laws ?
  12. about the interveiw on tv. i'm surprise yu're not shocked at the governement woman answers! she just says (do i read it correctly?):it's very cool what FoE are doing because we wouldn't do anything that could decrease people's confort! (by people you must ear voting people) . in privatising trains their not decreasing people's cofort?? and same for hospital !
  13. People still want to use energy to provide a comfortable standard of living for all, and to a large extent greed, laziness and exploitation in the developed cultures is hindering this, but the main issue right now is the destruction of natural habitats (which could well be encouraged if we localise all industry) and foresmost the pumping of Greenhouse Gases into the atmosphere. The main way to stop this at the moment is power production which does not use fossil fuels. From here transport can potentially be concentrated into avenues which use electricity, to cut down on exhaust.10-01-2005 07:31 PM for the fossile oils uses i was agreeing with you.but for now, i've a more "fatalist " view, since that oil gonna be SO expensive people won't be able to consume it anymore and then to use it,as their usually do ...but instead we'll use nuclear energy production yeah! (yeah yeah yeah if you thing of the privatisation of the production...produce nuclear in low cost ,: we know when a low cost airplane crash what will happend when the low cost nuclear fabrick will... ?). so the question is rather to convince people to less consume that could pass trough local productions who are more expensive and then we'll use less of them : we would pay our food the real price (especially in france) and even for a better quality. We should stop consider as "normal" to find strawberries in middle of winter! their are group here who are create to show how to live happilly with less they edit a paper "la d
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