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  1. HTTT had more cultural context than any of their other albums. I mean sure, OKC was a zeitgeist-clit-licker for its time, but at that point the fear was the machines taking over the world. Stop and think about that for a minute, and you'll see why they backed the wrong horse. HTTT was the good days, the bad days, the us and them days. Granted it's about 4 tracks too long, but still. It'll stand the test of time , critically speaking, far longer than everything they've put out since the last bar of reckoner.
  2. I check every now and again, and for the first time "what does the man in the just video say" has more than 1bn results from google. WE DID IT PEOPLE.
  3. Hi, I'm not new but I've been away a long (long) time and I think I've renewed myself a bit. Hope you're all well.
  4. OKC. Best track beat best track on kid a, worst track beats worst track on kid a. This is some empirical shit right here.
  5. While I don't know any guys that have exited, I don't feel any reason to rush towards them. That said, I don't see the concern.
  6. That's ridiculous. You'd need some sort of global communications system.
  7. Bullshit. Debuted half of HTTT in Spain. The obvious choice would have been Chicago or NY, right? Right?
  8. AAAAAHAAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! (really, though. hysterics.)
  9. Somewhere around week two or some fucking thing, the inhabitants turn to snarling cannibalism as the brighter ones start to realise what their environment actually is. This thread is golden. 10.0, MT.
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