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  1. the version on the myspace page has been around a while. Not sure where it came from, or what it is attributed to though...
  2. best normal names: Fly Wingless, Zeitgeist, Surreal Paroxysm (or a few other Nat ones) best alias: GaYmOlEsTo101
  3. Sitting in a hotel lobby in Idaho right now and Reckoner came on, only to be followed by More than a Woman.
  4. Eurockennes 2003, Belfort - I consider this their best. definately second the warrington show Atlanta 2003 was nice, and there's a really good sounding copy floating around and if you can get a full copy of the 2001 Jools Holland show, its worth it.
  5. i could have sworn that at an older Chicago show, someone yelled out "mortigi tempo" in between songs and got a little rise from the crowd. I could be completely making this up, and it might've been at a different place, but I thought i heard it somewhere....
  6. the site seems to be working now, albeit slow, but I can't access my order info. I never got the download email so I wanted to check if they sent out the email on their side. It's not recognizing my email addy right now though, even though I have the purchase confirmation email saved on the same account. So no dl yet. their shit is all screwed up at the mo.
  7. dear lord what does this say about you then?
  8. for the record that's what the LP7 dig was about. It was meant as a humorous attempt at the abitrariness of penny's ire.
  9. Pity the fool who drops the official tracklisting to LP7 too soon and ruins it.
  10. http://www.mortigitempo.com/too_bored/showthread.php?t=60591 good read.
  11. both are good, but i preferred local mans more
  12. the hardest one so far. Philistines was better I feel. The jazz piece was nice, and I would choose it over all the other 1st half offerings, but Philistines was preferable.
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