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  1. Not meant as props for your bulimic set of posts, but damn, I want your name to be wtih two "o"s at the end.
  2. so much <3 but the car keys and CVS "extra care" tags in your friend's left hand....well, <3
  3. The martells do have a claim to the main historical event of the books, Rhaegars wife being a one and all, but damn...I can't care about them. They want what they dont have, what dany has, which is what nearly everyone else wants, so spending time on them was quite tedious reading for me. The Greyjoys, as a clan, achieve the same thing, as do all of the clans of people from essos clamoring for danys attention, as well as nearly all of the other main forces, once they get wind of the events in essos. Also, the women of the family fall into the ludicrous archetypes that Martin has formed for nearly all the females in his saga....slut, insane bat shit crazy, pretty and powerless, or "wannabe a man so i can wield power". Again, this doesnt make them special, since just about every other female, besides arya and dany are previous examples. I dont get why we need chapter after chapter on them. Its just so ponderous of a story he gives us. I realize that part of what he is doing is the grim nature of the actual "game",that people will just die or disappear (or re-appear) because he's trying to stay true to the violent nature of his story. At the same time, I get much more enjoyment reading about the course of the various stark children, the events around the wall, anything with tyrion, and what dany does up till book 5 where she sits on her ass and whines. Far too much of that book boils down to answering the question of what Dany will do.
  4. it didnt suck, overall, it just too damn bloated, especially 4 and 5. Its hard to get interested in characters he adds in, when there has been such a history with the existing characters, especially when the only plot device they serve is to do the same thing as a few other characters. Spoilers and whatever, but who gives a damn about the martells, and we get chapter after chapter about them....when they are after the same thing as virtually everyone else.
  5. so the 4th book is pretty crappy i will probably read the 5th but i am losing interest in tangent characters he inserts and then removes or never pays attention to again
  6. Ziggy Modeliste http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_iC0MyIykM
  7. brian i dont know what to say about this? nice liffey hair?
  8. get aquemini! Its my fave of theirs and a pretty fun sonic journey. if you want recs outside of outkast, karl has some good choices. If you like outkast you probably want more of the smoothed out r&b/soul infused stuff so some others could be: Blackalicious - Blazing Arrow Latryx - The Album Missy Elliot - Supa Dupa Fly Nas - Illmatic
  9. just posting in hopes of kicking the thread to a new page cause I am tired of seeing that yellow dude as the first post
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QiO2VGaBAts&feature=related love the build up
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