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  1. If anybody needs 3 tickets to MSG Wednesday 7/11, upper level, let me know. I ended up getting Saturday too and don't need these. Section 211 Row 8.
  2. this is incredible. 2 full new songs, full demos, sound experiments that would appear on later songs. this thing is better than anticipated. i was having a little buyer's remorse before it arrived but the full boxset is really cool. loved thom's notes on ideas for the songs. getting dj shadow to scratch, using recordings from their trip to disneyland... haha.
  3. SAME. and then I went and spent another $68 on dumb merch from WASTE.
  4. I probably will give this a listen, but I kind of lost all respect for this guy's Radiohead opinions when I saw this: https://twitter.com/Steven_Hyden/status/842423115951046657 (was never really a fan of him in general anyway but cmon.)
  5. yeah the last few pages have been a bit baffling. i still can't believe there are so many fans who don't care for Lift. also, i agree with long fork. the rolling stone interview really quelled any concerns i had about a breakup.
  6. *new OK Computer merch alert* https://store.wasteheadquarters.com/
  7. Wow, Lift really is just like the Pinkpop version but slowed down. I'm pretty happy. No need to mess with perfection. I wish Thom's vocals were a little less restrained though. Big Boots is fucking unbelievable.
  8. yeah. very cool that we get to hear this stuff.
  9. Excuse me guys, how about some credit for quoting scrumch's post and agreeing with it
  10. Me too. Couldn't resist the demo tape.
  11. I can't justify it either but I then again I would probably end up convincing myself to pay $100 for a goddamn Pablo Honey reissue.
  12. Lift and big boots!!!! I knew it!
  13. i get that opening up the vault seems very unlike radiohead, but anything else just feels like a cash grab, which is even more unlike them. i also find it hard to believe they're putting posters up around the world to build hype for a webcast.
  14. me too. i don't see them doing something like this without releasing these. they know the fans want those songs and they probably feel the time is right to put them out.
  15. Yeah this was a good listen. Fun to hear thom talk music (although he didn't get much out of him but who can?) and react to new stuff.
  16. if you google tomorrow's modern boxes this is the 2nd result https://thomyorke.bandcamp.com/album/tomorrows-modern-boxes
  17. Jonny is trying to get into metal and Thom is obsessed with Boris. did not expect to hear either of those things!
  18. In rainbows is perfect and you're crazy if you disagree. Fact.
  19. jediStick


    Yeah I think he did. Was hard to tell in person and I was already listening for it, but I am pretty sure he did.
  20. you guys seen this crazy new shirt? https://store-us.wasteheadquarters.com/products/a-moon-shape-pool-dye-sub-t-shirt they were selling some other new ones at MSG. I got a blue one of the basic RAD IOH EAD design. it's alright. the letters have this velvety material on them. also there's one with that same design with a rainbow metallic print.
  21. jediStick


    I loved the guy shouting for Scatterbrain because it got a great reaction from Thom. what an incredible couple of nights. Karma Police singalong was magic. 11 songs on night 2 that weren't played night 1.
  22. jediStick


    Show ended a few minutes before 11. What a setlist. I cannot believe I've seen them play Let Down 2 out of the 6 times they've played it in this century (fact check that plz)
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