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  1. I probably will... at least until I get my college responses back.
  2. Hi, Ryan. What's up? Well, I s'ppose I finished college application and as such, I've made my return to MT. General apathy and disillusionment have kicked in as far as school and life are concerned. Hence, my return. Oh, and hi, Natalie. How are you doing?
  3. A couple weeks. I suppose the pointlessness of existence thing was self-inflicted, though...
  4. I suppose so. Not really sure whether it was questioning my identity or something else, but things seemed pointless at the time.
  5. Despression, eh? I suppose I've had a bout of that myself.
  6. Swann's Way by Marcel Proust The Stoic Philosophy of Seneca by Seneca The History of Western Philosophy by Bertrand Russell
  7. Sushi is good, but I've had people butcher it many a time. I suppose it depends on the chef.
  8. Awesome. I'm definitely going to submit a list this time around, Rog.
  9. Whose favorite band? Anyway, I may upload their self-titled album later if anyone's interested.
  10. Jesus Camp Fifteen minutes or so into the film, our reel burned up. I rose from my seat and proclaimed "it's a message from god!"
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