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  1. When i went to the show in west palm, bangers in mash really stood out. If they play bangers every show, that would satisfy everyone. I was a bit letdown that they didnt play letdown and i felt that the set was a bit of a drag. Lots of slow songs,but in the end it did work out though.
  2. The set was good not great IMO, my favortites of the night were bodysnatchers, gloaming, reckoner, bangers and There there. They messed up arpeggi witch is dissapointing and they didnt play all i need well at all. It was still a really good concert but not amazing by radiohead standards. Also, the visuals were stunning.
  3. The seats arnt that great but at least i got em. 150 bucks for 2 tickets:thumbsup: West Palm beach
  4. first listen was a 10 fith listen was a 7 15th was a 10 now i reguard it as their second best album a solid 10
  5. 15 step is amazing. One of the live versions(i dont remember which one), at the end when thom repeats the beggining lyric "How come i end up where i started", he sings it with a more unsettling tone than the album version. But the album version is almost as good as the live and i love the addition of the kid screams.
  6. MK1 : an acoustic version of Worrywort MK2 : Morning Mi lord
  7. i love how on the record the bass is such a vital part of the song. And BTW i was brought up on boots and i hated the bulid at the end of videotape.
  8. Do you find it depressing? Or do you find it uplifting? Or a mixture of both? It really depends on you obviously... But imo its very uplifting. The more i listen, the more i like it. Videotape is a great closer IMO.
  9. Ok Computer will always be my favorite, there are too many songs on OK Computer that just blow me away for anything to top it.
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