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  1. WSYB has been getting hate since it came out, most people's least fav or at least bottom 3, honestly it's in the same category as Morning Bell/Amnesiac as being that kind of "count dracula" radiohead shit that people either love or hate i guess that breakdown is certainly lit tho you right about that...
  2. try incorporating some of the CD2 stuff in, or just listening to CD2 as part of it (coming right after videotape) as an "extended record" songs like go slowly & last flowers are some of the "deepest"/most intricate on the record, imo & of course, the other tracks are just bad-ass to say the least
  3. i'm actually in the camp of really liking Daydreaming coming after BTW like it does, it's just the additional two slower songs after that that make the first half a kind of "trudge" for me at times if anything, i would drop either DID, or The Numbers and throw DID either before or after PT or something
  4. listening to Moon-shape again today it's done more for me than any RH record since at least Hail to the Thief (yeah i know that's only two, technically, but whatever!) so it's actually at a pretty decent position in my overall list at the moment
  5. and you call yourselves music fans sad! man that IR box was a thing of wonder, wasn't it kinda surprised my high school self didn't shell out for one when that thing came out must have truly been a "cheap ass" in those days, ha!
  6. turntables aren't that expensive if you've already got a good set of speakers & an amplifier of some sort that's half the battle that being said i can't even play my waxies myself right now, on account of i'm currently speaker-less
  7. burn the witch is awesome and definitely opens the thing better than fucking daydream like everytime it comes on i just have to listen to it and subsequently want to listen to the whole album, that's the mark of a great opener to me
  8. i knew you would point this out however, the catch is that i was speaking objectively scientists have proven, time and time again, the presence of TT in a solidized list of RH's very best tracks
  9. then again we are living in a world where people rank Treefingers & Hunting Bears in their top 2 radiohead tracks so i suppose that kind of craziness is just part for the course!
  10. people complaining about good songs is getting tiresome in what world is "there there" overrated it deserves every bit of praise it gets, top 5 radiohead song
  11. ah i see well for what it's worth the first 1 i got after OKC was HTTT, for similar reasons
  12. hard to describe how much of an impression this album made on me when i first got it at 14 or so listened to the hell out of it back then, and still consider it a top 5 album ever now also one of the first bands that i felt like i was alone in "getting," in my local area, which made it almost jaw-dropping when i started finding people who were also into them my freshman year of high school frozen winter shit
  13. if any track were to be dropped from this it should be The Numbers, for multiple reasons
  14. identikit's like the best thing on this jesus christ anyway, OP what are you UP to, son?
  15. if they actually are just picking a handful from here, and in any sort of "traditional single" kind of manner, i'd say the best candidates (outside of Deck's Dark if that's really being hinted at) are Identikit, Present Tense, and maaaaybe Tinker
  16. while Deck's Dark isn't neccesarily the least-feasible candidate for a single on here, it does make it more likely that it's a "every song gets its video" thing, especially considering how quickly these are seeming to be released (at least the first two, which were within like a week or so of each other, right?)
  17. yeah if there was one thing i never had a problem with on TKOL it was the track order
  18. i mostly meant in terms of it getting played or whatever (have they ever even?) but again, it's understandable why it wouldn't be
  19. lord i knew you'd have some dumb shit to say to that you always do!
  20. yeah, let's get pseudo-intellectual to try and analyze why you don't like [things that are good] sounds like a plan dipshit
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