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  1. for clarification: my "fuck da fine bros!" comment was almost entirely pertaining to the attempt at "copyrighting reaction videos" or whatever such shit they tried to pull not too long ago videos are usually okay
  2. i'm sure it's amusing & whatnot but man fuck the fine bros lol
  3. 1. You 2. The Bends 3. Airbag 4. Paranoid Android 5. Optimistic 6. Idioteque 7. Pyramid Song 8. 2+2=5 9. Arpeggi 10. Lotus Flower 11. True Love Waits or something like that
  4. this actually seems like a pretty good order, honestly
  5. i feel like TLW is closer to that extreme, but i mean either way i sure don't feel "intrusive" listening to something an artist has freakin publicly released maybe if they were stolen demos or something, but even so
  6. it doesn't bum me out as much as confuse me i never felt like Feral was "one of those" tracks though yeah i mean i'd sooner bitch about Faust Arp than Feral which i genuinely enjoy most of the time what a throwaway
  7. i've never been an IR over-hyper but calling it a "hot mess" is ludicrous it's like their most clearly focused/cut album to date, well aside from limb but that was just too "cut" really
  8. if i took out anything it would be the numbers, either that or i'd just switch it after spectre (it'd still be alphabetical order, but account for the "the" instead of starting at the n)
  9. thom should enter into a monogamous relationship with Maynard James Keenan since they are both single now
  10. that's pretty weird, though i guess it would explain the wild differences in opinions on the mastering of this record perhaps
  11. yeah this describes it pretty well i'd say and also highlights why i strongly disagree with that "okc & httt are transitional albums" comment more like incredible exclamation marks on their respective eras/trilogies
  12. my version of IR is just both CD's of it in one "package" so i'm pretty good in terms of keeping those hot extras in rotation & whatnot as an "expanded" album it gives HTTT a run for its money, truth be told
  13. yeah i don't know, after in rainbows they could have used to make a more "sprawling" record i.e. Hail or what have you and not gotten too many complaints as it is, it's practically the "lost radiohead record" to me those songs they did on the outside of it were all great, from what i remember (Daily Mail, etc)
  14. as easy as a "well don't use WMP!" response would be here, it's actually easier than you think on the thing just go to yer library view & find the album, then you can right click the track numbers to change them/re-order the thing
  15. Let Down has always been kind of disputable among fans tho, it seems like people are either floored or bored
  16. would it be a proper "list your 3 least favorite radiohead songs" without people pulling out some of their best songs? i don't think so, Thomas J...
  17. whaaaaat more like top 10 radiohead! i don't know if i could do "bottom 3" cos i kinda phased out whatever rh songs i didn't like, lol; even on full albums i'll just skip or whatever least fav from each record tho pablo - how do you? i guess bends - sulk and/or bones, they're about tied okc - fitter happier, or if that's too obvious, the tourist kid a - treefings amnesiac - hunting bears, or if that's too obvious, LSP (sorry, live version just kills it!) httt - we suck in rainbow - faust arp limbo - codex moon-shaped poop - the numbers
  18. that makes no sense if you like king of limbs i don't get why you'd have issue with Feral because Thom doesn't have as many "tangible" lyrics? i mean the music is cool, it's not like it's the most "song-based" record ever in the first place WSYB kinda comes more out of left-field and you either welcome it or skip ahead to skrit-rickaticka-skrit-tickatickatick-tick
  19. by "bottom 3" i was strictly talking HTTT, btw most people's bottom 3 is probably just the shittier pablo tracks or something honestly
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