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  1. the pumpkins challenged themselves pretty considerably, it's just that breaking up at the very beginning of the 00s pretty much solidified them as a "90s band" oasis gets too much flack for this kind of thing, people just like Wonderwall too much
  2. it was kind of a last-minute thing, & honestly most of the motivation was to hang out with this girl i've been talking to, lol it's a bit easier to "cope" when you've seen the homies on the In Rainbows tour & Flying Lotus a couple of times before that
  3. ill wind's pretty much a "b-side" so i don't know how likely they'd be to play it regardless of if the SE had come out yet or not i suppose we'll see come WINTA time eh? perhaps "santy" will bring a special Yorke-scented this christmas... eh???
  4. i was considering actually making the "hike" over to austin this friday to see the boiz (and a handful of other artists i'd be pretty excited about) but then found out i'm fuckin' workin that morning, which wouldn't give me enough time to make the drive shoot me now, just shoot me now!
  5. i'm not bummed on account of i didn't see any shows from this tour if they had played it, then i would not been there to see it - in which case, i would be bummed
  6. people pay way too much attention to lyrics so often
  7. at first i had thought Gore by Deftones was mastered poorly but it was fuckin' Howie Weinberg & also i heard the vinyl rip which pretty much had the same issues albeit being obviously mastered differently for vinyl so it pretty much boiled down to the mixes being a little "questionable" though in AMSP's case i don't think the mixes or the masters are questionable at all people are such bitches about the loudness wars stuff and it's like they don't even stop to consider whether or not it actually sounds good
  8. geez, really? all i can remember about it is that it starts off sounding like part of revolution 9 or whatever
  9. personally i just kinda like the two extras as just that, additional stand-alone tracks spectre in particular, it's just too big for that album and yeah, it's just too damn long with both of 'em on if imma have 'em in my AMSP listing, it'll just be as tracks 12 & 13, they work pretty well as little "addendums" like that
  10. why does O'Doul keep "rating" things & what is he rating, at that
  11. this track fuckin' rules but i'm pretty happy just havin' it & spectre as tracks 12 + 13 on my own "spinnings" of AMSP trying to throw it in the actual tracklisting just kind of makes the thing drag, honestly
  12. hey guy, i don't even remember the butcher so you're talking to the wrong fella! i also disagree with your opening thing but i looove spectre & have it on my playlist of the album everytime burn the witch comes on tho it just makes me want to listen to the whole record so i think they succeeded there damn i love radiohead right now!
  13. this is a big reason why i've never been all that "about" in rainbows hail to the thief was like the second radiohead album i ever heard and it pretty much set the standard, along with ok computer, as far as i was concerned, as to what radiohead were. kid a & amnesiac were the kind of claustrophobic electronic "detours" & then HTTT was them coming back not afraid to sound like a band again but keeping the cool shit they learned from the Kid Amnesiac stuff it's more or less the closest you'll get to a radiohead double-album & should be taken as such, not some super-concise, edited & cut down attempt at perfection. for as long as i've been a fan this album has pretty much remained in my top 3 of their catalog
  14. ill wind's better than a lot of the album tracks, i guess it's a nod to that time they released amnesiac but cut like 3 of the best tracks from that era off it haha remember those days? crazy times...
  15. i never really felt like radiohead were big victims of the whole "loudness wars" thing it's more obvious with say, deftones or oasis or someone, where it's almost constant blaring but radiohead? give me a fucking break. listen to arpeggi and tell me that shit's "too loud" in any case, lol @ that site determining fitter happier as the loudest, is that just for the ending or something? regardless, i think with the whole Moon Shaped Pool thing it might have had to do with conversion? (weren't people with the wavs complaining more than the people with mp3's, or something like that? might have something to do with true-peak limiting not being used during mastering or something, i don't know) but yeah, pablo through hail got the whole remaster/reissue treatment a few years ago anyway, didn't they? most of the time the goal for those is to make the albums even louder tho, so that might not be the direction to go if you're looking for exaggerated dynamics, lol. check hd tracks
  16. pet sounds can take on most if not all of the beatles albums & i pretty much prefer their "simpler pop" period over the beatles (i fuckin' adore Today & All Summer Long, for instance)
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