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  1. i see yeah i could faintly hear them on the second half i just meant pushing them more for that part or something, but i guess if you've already tried that then i'm shit out o luck!
  2. it would be distracting, at least potentially, if there was a bunch of other melodic shit going on as well, but as it is it works pretty well as the sole harmonic element other than vox, at least until the pads come in - but it cuts out for that, which is perfect actually you could prob have those pads crescendo back in on the second half & it'd work pretty well, tho obv that's up to you whether you're actually gonna do that or not
  3. thanx kafka & yeah we tend to extend that part for quite a bit longer when we're doin' it live (which we often do, truth be told!) some people fuckin' hate it in any case, here is a tune from the sessions that we recently completed. was supposed to go on the album but frankly by the end of it it just didn't fit - & we decided it worked better as a stand-alone sad-ass single for the holidays anyway I Don't Want To Do This Alone http://thelinks.bandcamp.com/track/i-dont-want-to-do-this-alone
  4. In Rainbows was the "easiest" RH album since like The Bends, i kept looking for something deeper in it when it came out and i wasn't quite as crazy about Radiohead as i had been in '04/'05 but on that one what you see is pretty much what you get. AMSP is a little denser and more akin to Kid A in that you don't really get all the tricks from it right away and feel like there's still more to get from it on further listens In Rainbows is good for what it is but i've just never seen it ranking as high as OKC, Kid A, etc throw the second disc in and it makes a bit more sense to me but that's not how most people listen to the record - AMSP though i do see as being on, or at the very least, close to that level so anyway, Moon-Shaped - even with the fact that 2 of my top 5 tracks from the era weren't even on the "album proper"
  5. it's just "standard internet stuff' if things didn't crash once in a while, people would get worried
  6. it's more about your uh, choice of username ha!
  7. AMSP & Spectre is one of my favorite RH songs ever by this point (not technically on the album i know but same "era" etc so whatever!)
  8. A reckid http://thelinks.bandcamp.com/album/sucreland our second (debatably third) album, put a lot into getting the mix & everything right for this so it would sound as "big" as we wanted it to, but ultimately we're just happy to have actually finished it alternately, it's available on the 'tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2obYqRMgkk&index=1&list=PLChx3k_UB2dDbNiRY8JfcSxD7srslB9an
  9. lol i deeefinitely don't follow this most recordings i listen to don't either for what it's worth, but whatever floats yer boat etc. in terms of that panning guide at least in terms of eq, my stuff isn't that far off from that but everything is about 10-20 hz lower, comparatively
  10. never before have i been so torn between someone being a real person or a robot
  11. http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13482430
  12. yeah Numbers & Desert Island Disc are the first two i'd drop from this without hesitation Ill Wind & Spectre both fuckin' rule, the latter of which is one of my favorite Radiohead songs ever by this point
  13. i like that guy's guitar work but that version's a little rushed, imo
  14. i hope it sounds like the experimental Third Eye Blind record i'm currently imagining it is
  15. yeah definitely interested in this if nothing else because of the general aura of mystery on this guy's contribution to the band beyond additional guitar (i'm not doubting he does more than that/has a substantial role, otherwise they would have probably sacked him long ago or something) in comparison with the others
  16. no it just kinda fuels the feeling of being surrounded by people who love the music we're seeing & hearing i mean at very worst i respect them for knowing the songs & it's not like they're gonna overpower the dude with the mic +, obv, artists seem to feed off of it
  17. Climbing Up the Walls Climbing Up the Walls vs. Airbag
  18. recently took to the local tv station for refuge this was the result
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