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  1. well, i certainly can't argue the “strange, malnourished, and sad” accusation
  2. My band's Youtube channel, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6Di34k3n_YXZ5t2xBAgakQ as well as a little content sample!
  3. like a quarreling old couple who can't decide what they want for dinner
  4. new eep https://warganized-records.lnk.to/oFeff if you ain't about any of those outlets, here's the first song on youtube
  5. in response to the question posed by this thread: no, but i do prefer some live versions to their studio counterparts eg: Like Spinning Plates
  6. Moon-Shaped Pool You’re unexpected and surprising. Rooted in the classical but always willing to try something new, you're one of the most creative minds there is.
  7. ^ 2nded also, is that actually true Kafka? i'll tell ya i ain't ever heard tell of that before!
  8. bends is hit & miss, OKC is one of my favorite albums ever, the four after are solid to awesome, limbs is disposable, moon is beautiful
  9. whammys can be pretty fucked, honestly. the only pedal i've ever actually had to replace, and even then the replacement stopped working as well in this case though you should try a different power adapter, just make sure it's the right wattage & whatnot
  10. i'm startin to think maybe some of YOU should get dropped, ha!
  11. Spectre & Ill Wind are still such a delight to me pretty much every song from the actual album is high quality and the thing as a whole is dense on a whole other level, makes it hard to listen to for me as a whole but almost anytime one of the 13 new tracks comes on i'm happy about it
  12. this is one of the most bizarre things i've ever seen posted in GRT and that's saying a lot i'd be lying if i said i wasn't a little intrigued though btw shouldn't it be "Taytiohead" or something to that effect
  13. i kinda feel like this but with In Rainbows instead of Limbs the main thing AMSP did for me in this department was make me realize my reasons for not loving Limbs weren't rooted in some kind of nostalgic longing for "the Thief days" or whatever
  14. for me it's their most disposable, it's certainly not "weirder" than Amnesiac or Kid A to me and it's eclipsed by the two surrounding it. that said i do like some of the songs spawned by that era but the only reason i ever feel compelled to go back to that album in particular is to see if i was wrong about it
  15. i thought the fuckin' tuba in National Anthem was pretty funny, back when i was first getting into them brass section as a whole is pretty bad-ass, but i don't know, something about the way it comes in just kinda caught me offguard
  16. yeah reading your first post i'd say definitely Kid A and/or Amnesiac
  17. that's pretty interesting-sounding, actually more so than REVERSED 8x SLOWER type shit at least, that's for sure
  18. Sad Sex with Thomas J the hot new concept LP
  19. heh, aren't we all in any case, i put this in the Sucre thread, but might as well slip it in here too we started this one during the album sessions, but put the final touches on it just recently
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