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  1. what's yer favorite depeche mode album

    1. snow
    2. Chevy's Chevy Chase

      Chevy's Chevy Chase

      can't go wrong w that one

      i'm more of an sofad & ultra guy myself, truth be told

    3. snow


      yeah those are great too, esp. sofad. i know i went with the cliche answer.

  2. who r u and what's yer story

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    2. Chevy's Chevy Chase

      Chevy's Chevy Chase

      if i knew where i was going i'd already be there right now

    3. Spooky


      Or its right in front of you, and you haven't noticed yet.

    4. Chevy's Chevy Chase

      Chevy's Chevy Chase

      peculiar assessment

      i'll consider it

  3. you have a lot of posts that you make

    1. crazy_maybe


      Your username is Parklol and your avatar is smiling

    2. Chevy's Chevy Chase
  4. i'm an internet man, what of it

  5. i'm referring to the presence of Hella Jeff on this personal board thing here

  6. some good Hella Jeff interaction goin' on in this room

  7. wow. get a load of all the Laughing Lion content in here

  8. by "see" i mean "get a good look at"

  9. now i just feel like you're trying to see what's inside my pants

  10. yeah bring back the murray sig already, logjohnson

  11. jim you have to get Greatest so we can get some mileage on that Duran Duran thread already

  12. why did you stop making posts

  13. i have posted some Real Cool Credentials in the "Artist Directory" thread

  14. 2 many dudes in my profile

    2 many dicks on the dance floor

  15. i thought i told you already i was jm705 (a lont time ago) before

  16. it's difficult to figure out how you're going to bring it live with peeps when you're *so fucking future*

    it won't be the first & last set of shows, obv

  17. lol, i didn't actually respond to that thread did i

    the shows are not actually booked yet but they will most likely be either at Low End Theory or Sound WAVs, but i am not even in Los Angeles yet homie

    yeah that's right, *homie*

  18. legend has it i am nothing like The Old Parklol (Rael said this)

  19. holy shit Donny Mean Dude's walked these parts recently

  20. i think it was that dode Ron Wanson

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