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  1. 21 days later & mine are still the latest posts? christ! jesus! christmas!
  2. & now I realize whatever conversation I was responding to was from a page, maybe even multiple pages ago Fuck did I just imagine it altogether? Have rAAAAYYYDiohead finally sent me straight into my own psychotic dimension, where I simply hear distorted echos of Mortigans past, present, & imagined? i should have known watching early 2000s movie Identity at 3 in the morning was going to have side effects
  3. it's tempting to say Amnesiac has the higher highs but then I think of Kid A on an individual track level & it's like, damn, can I really say that when Kid has Idioteque, National Anthem, EIIRP etc? the truth: i just. don't. KNOW.
  4. i mean with You Say the Word it just sounds much more to me like Moon-Shaped era Thom than Kid Amnesiac era Thom, which is still good so it's not like it's a make or break thing. just hard not to speculate on somethin' like that, if we're gonna talk about it at all
  5. ^ i was thinking the same thing while listening during the vid - if i had to make a true, respectable guess that i could proudly give my Chevy's Chevy Chase stamp of authenticity to, I would say it sounds like the music itself may have come from the Kid Amneezy era, but the vox were new
  6. love that Lenny Tillman is still reeking enough havoc around these parts to actually sway users off the board, lol
  7. that does it then, i HATE radiohead!!!!!!!!!!
  8. the b-sides are (mostly) available on the "amnesiette" so i'd be kinda surprised if that wasn't the version that actually does hit streaming services, etc that said the exclusions on the b-side tape itself are baffling, no Kinetic??? anyway, when all's said & done i kinda wish i'd just grabbed one of those red vinyl pre-orders, since i actually don't own Kid or Amnesiac in any of their previous "wax" forms guess i'll just be hangin' out on discogs a little while in November or whenever!
  9. yo close i was only yanking your chain pulling your leg ribbing your sides fucking your father what?
  10. Sorry, my passion for welcoming anyone Mortigi Tempo related has waned so severely in recent years that I'll just leave it at that.
  11. like we've had so many years of stuff like Kid A & OKC which people would try & call depressing but it was simply super-introspective and moody. this thing legit made me want to drive off the road or call up a presciption of prozak or some shit
  12. i'd even go so far as to say it's depressingness is what makes it damn-near impossible for me to listen to as a whole album. not to say it's bad or anything but the first time i listened to this as a whole, I was driving and the level of mood drop i experienced when Burn the Witch turned to Daydream & didn't let up until track 5 can probably be described with the following gif
  13. i've actually been spinning The Bends more than usual lately. i mean i've always liked it & whatnot but damn on a track by track basis it has some of what i'd still consider to be top-notch RH material Just in particular has some of my favorite recorded Jonny guitarwork on it but it was usually overlooked by me cos that one was just "the big single" or whatev
  14. i don't know if i'll ever revisit as a full album in its delivered tracklisting, actually, but i'm pretty damn likely to revisit individual tracks (especially the two bonuses) except for TLW, which the IMBW version is still my go-to.
  15. I was under the impression this thread had more to do with MT's potential lethargy than any wrongdoings of Radiohead - i agree AMSP is great, tho i'm more liable to listen to individual tracks from it than the actual thing in full
  16. Pulp is still together? I know they had that reunion tour or whatever, and put out the one song in 2013 (which i didn't even know about until yesterday!) but haven't heard shit about them since Actually, the only reason i even found out about the new song was because their name showed up on my Spotify Release Radar but it was just some dude calling himself Pulp who had just made a new beat - led me to their page tho
  17. yeah i realized just about the second after posting that, even I have a fuckin' alt on Reddit, lol. however, an alt with a real funny avatar to accompany the posts? yeah, dream on "reddyboys"...
  18. yeah, but can you make a bitchin' alt account on a radiohead meme reddit? didn't think so...
  19. stuff like Reddit & whatnot is so faceless compared to an actual, specifically-tailored message board. I use R but it's not really a substitute, just a more "official" place to discuss certain things. imdb shutting their boards down using Reddit as an excuse was some bullshit as well
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