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  1. just looked up a couple recent setlists, wondering what the hell a Beck set would even look like at this point. I'm guessing the logic was to keep somewhat in theme with the "party" nature of that newest album (which i actually kinda like) leaving out stuff from Sea Change and even big ol' grammy-winning Mourning Phase. looks like a fun show 4 sure
  2. this being the song in question it's a pretty solid pop song but absolutely no surprise longtime fans are taking fantastic dumps on it. or at least, keeping it at very low ratings on all those rating type deals people like to use
  3. new Gang of Four shit sounds so different from the old stuff a dude was literally on YouTube commenting "check the past guys... there's already been a Gang of Four!"
  4. i almost went to one of those shows when they came through Texas Cage woulda been the band i knew next to nothing from
  5. i don't know who was playing the role of Jeffrey Dahmer on here back in the day, but they was killin' it got damn they was killin' it!
  6. like we've had so many years of stuff like Kid A & OKC which people would try & call depressing but it was simply super-introspective and moody. this thing legit made me want to drive off the road or call up a presciption of prozak or some shit
  7. i'd even go so far as to say it's depressingness is what makes it damn-near impossible for me to listen to as a whole album. not to say it's bad or anything but the first time i listened to this as a whole, I was driving and the level of mood drop i experienced when Burn the Witch turned to Daydream & didn't let up until track 5 can probably be described with the following gif
  8. i don't have a fuckin' clue but it is two guys & i like the majority of the bands they talk about. just good 20-40 minute bursts of masochism i suppose!
  9. yeah get the hell out of there, jack. that place ain't safe
  10. i'm only scared when the meat sauce is (gulp) brown
  11. i've actually been spinning The Bends more than usual lately. i mean i've always liked it & whatnot but damn on a track by track basis it has some of what i'd still consider to be top-notch RH material Just in particular has some of my favorite recorded Jonny guitarwork on it but it was usually overlooked by me cos that one was just "the big single" or whatev
  12. i don't know if i'll ever revisit as a full album in its delivered tracklisting, actually, but i'm pretty damn likely to revisit individual tracks (especially the two bonuses) except for TLW, which the IMBW version is still my go-to.
  13. it's like arguing whether or not Rage Against the Machine fans are angry⁠—they've even got the appropriate tees, lolol for real though i enjoy all bands, and feel they all deserve their corners to speak & otherwise "do their thing" except the ones that suck, fuck them!
  14. i would also have a field day giving it the 10/10 it deserves & of course tool fans or tools, that was the whole fuckin' point of the band!
  15. if you even think of telling me you don't like this more than that limp-dick original version well buddy you can take a HIKE
  16. there's also this band i heard at random the other day that sounds almost fucking exactly like Cocteau Twins & i might check 'em out cos like, where the hell did the actual Cocteau Twins go anyway?
  17. i do like what i've heard from those Lizard Wizards tho, which someone mentioned in here. so fuck it, i'll check 'em out then i can participate!
  18. fuck music i listen to Congratulations podcast by Chris D'elia & Your Favorite Band Sucks
  19. however, i do like nearly all the post-Entertainment re-recordings on Return the Gift more than their original versions. "I Love a Man in Uniform" especially. Like, really really way better than the original version holy chrrreeeist
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