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  1. fake plastic trees and high and dry on guitar...and my hands are too small to play the guitar too. its painful to stretch my hands that far, but its worth it
  2. i got it and didn't have any clue what it was so i asked my friends. then they all went home to look for it and didn't have it...then they almost raped me so that i'd give it to them.
  3. alright, since i've got the time and your definitely worth it even if i didn't have the time...lets get on with my thougths and appreciation for the one and only army. soon after crap and i started talking you and i started talking. i enjoyed your conversations and you always made me feel so appreciated. whenever i was down you'd try and cheer me up. you have always been there to say that you've missed talking to me. you call me shayshy, a nickname that only one other person in my life has come up with. you make everything so personal. you never say those stupid generic things that so many people look over. you are one of the most genuine, considerate, compassionate, and caring people i know. i thank you for all of the wisdom and generosity you have shared with me. congratulations on 10000 and heres to the next million more posts to come.
  4. where i end and you begin
  5. pull/pulk revolving doors
  6. nope. but i was freakin awake till right before i had to get up. stupid me...being paranoid
  7. i used to see army quite often. but i haven't done it recently ::runs to view online list::
  8. alright, i guess i need to say something here. i owe it to you big time josh. you and i hit it off pretty well those first few times. i found that you and i had quite a bit in common. i was glad to see that i wasn't the only one dealing with everything. you made me happy, and still do. your opinions are much appreciated and i love hearing what you've got to say on any matter. you are very wise and know so much of what is happening around you. you amaze me with your amount of knowledge. you and army always include me and make me feel like people actually care. for not being real, you sure as hell are close. thanks for listening to me chat on and on about nothing in particular. you are one of the reasons i keep coming back here. lovies! xo
  9. why are you yelling at me? the poll was going to be lsp anyways...i would've voted for paperbag writer if it had been close. i'm influenced easily
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