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  1. Well, if Liam Gallagher says we are boring and ugly then we probably are. This guy has his shit together, he jogs, you know.
  2. gotosleep

    New MT Comp?

    I'll give it a go
  3. gotosleep

    My first album

    This is ammaaaazing man, excellent excellent stuff. My favorite is definitely "No Sad Song" (those arn't real strings, right?) your singing is excellent on it and the music is very well written. The album is pretty varied so there really isn't a boring moment to it, it's very well-produced and really showcased your talent, my only beef with it was that i didn't really like the closer.
  4. Can't say I saw that one coming, I can't really jude my own material but I thought Empty Vessel was wayy better than left.
  5. 1.Empty Vessel 2.Zi Chrono Le Bracha 3.Intro 4.Nylon 5.Rocketsong My electronica stuff is really shit compared to other mter's but I really kind of enjoy it.
  6. gotosleep

    My first album

    Downloading now m8, I'll tell you what I think
  7. Gotta get myself a new acoustic, I fucking loved my crappy old 150$ nylon string yamaha, I used it in half of my debut thing.
  8. I hear it's the only thing radiocoocoo drinks
  9. Sry for bumping this guys, but I've been making a lot of new electronic songs and they are all somewhat similar to "Empty Vessel" so I'd really like to know if this a step in the right direction.
  10. Do they even reply if they think you arnt good enough?
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