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  1. I finish my sentences with ... quite a lot. Like now.....
  2. I got it then and it wouldn't let me go into any forums. So i had to close it, then do it again. Now it works. Weird...
  3. Yeh, they have. Only to me though. Me and the guys are like << that
  4. Wow, i reckon you'd get your moneys worth back. I mean only 33! I'm slightly considering buying one!
  5. Well...if a deep voice iswhat your lookingfor...Skip Divided type, then ill give it a go.
  6. Every song! But, i lie singing along to any song, so its not really anythingspecial to Radiohead
  7. hmm.. tres difficile...... 2 i think..... By the way, random how u choes 2 and 8......
  8. Well i'm happy with whatever Thom posts. This is his blog space. Go on myspace and look at peoples blogs. They're not saying something astonishingly greate every post. It's just a post to post whatever they want. Why people think Thom owes us so much that with every post we should have some new info on lp7 or whatever is so fucking gay!!! We've had 6 albums from them, 5 fucking excellent ones (Kid A just lacked something special lol) and soon we're gonna get a 7th one! And Thom's just released his solo album! If anything we owe Thom. So all the idiots saying Thom is tarting to piss them off, stop reading DAS!
  9. What's to reveal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? It makesa a good video. That is all! It leavs a supsense at the end. Why does everyone think because it's Radiohead it must have some extraordinary meaning!!!? P.s I laughed out loud when i saw this thread. And surely this should be in 'what did he say thread'!? As it's so literal to that..
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