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  1. I'd hate for this to sound ungrateful, but does anyone has a yousendit link or a sendspace link? cos i can't use rapidshare or megaupload,a PM would be awesome. thank you.
  2. could someone please PM me the link? i'll love you long time.
  3. If you decide to cover the tourist, i can hit the triangle right at the end.
  4. I'm sure you're a very nice person, but everytime you post, i get the urge to slam your face into a brick wall.
  5. I thought it was "a pale imitation" and "what kinda skin are they putting me in"
  6. Well, there goes all my self worth.
  7. What is this supposed to mean to me?
  8. I'm new to this board. That doesn't mean i'm obsessed with a band. For fuck's sake, they're just a band. It doesn't take 1000 posts to understand that, it takes not being a fucking loser.
  9. weird... i posted the exact same topic in the on the tour board.
  10. You shouldn't sit around thinking about how you're going to explain to someone what radiohead is about, and concentrate on finding someone to talk to.
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