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  1. Can we get audio download links of all of these? Yes, its great to have youtube links, but I like having mp3's of all of these too, thanks!
  2. story and some pics from sunday.... enjoy http://thescenestar.typepad.com/ss/2010/01/live-radiohead-henry-fonda-music-box.html http://thescenestar.typepad.com/ss/radiohead-henry-fonda-music-box.html this counts, come on....
  3. I got a photo pass, so I got to shoot the show, and watch of coruse.. story and gallery below. enjoy!! http://thescenestar.typepad.com/ss/2010/01/live-radiohead-henry-fonda-music-box.html http://thescenestar.typepad.com/ss/radiohead-henry-fonda-music-box.html also met the band after, crashed the after party, got some stuff signed and went home!! what a night... have some youtube vids up. I just finished uploading lotus flower, in HD... http://www.youtube.com/user/suprefan
  4. Tonight at the Roosevelt Hotel. Dj Set ftw.. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
  5. Its called Layaway, look into it. They started it in December to try and help people out. Trust me, they arent going to lose as much business as you think. You dont want it to be in the summer. Would you rather want to deal with 90 degree heat every day in April? Or 120 in July? Take your pick... Do not underestimate this line up, they are ntgoing to change their stance on it either. Also, Bonnaroo only sells 3 day tickets, and did you guys complain about that too because you just wanted to see Radiohead?
  6. Cause Im the man..... And thanks
  7. Oh yeha I forgot, pics from Monday
  8. All my vids are done uploading check em out on my youtube channel. http://www.youtube.com/user/suprefan
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