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  1. including aliases i have at least 21,953 posts with the serious names (where i have always been completely myself), i have 20,821 they include the follwing: crapdancesing s u b t i t l e s crap here are the others i can remember: god (shared) Jesus Christ
  2. its hazardous to MT's health also considered are
  3. naw its not like that, its just for fun and to motivate yourself and others
  4. i turned my livejournal into a crappy webcomic updates depend on wit and creativity bookmark/add now http://www.livejournal.com/users/crapdancesing/
  5. i finally updated my site, though it still doesn't exactly have much content. it's a start though. EDIT - oh, this is pins btw
  6. radiohead arent that unique, they just make nice sounds nirvana surfaced a culture and lyrically, i prefer cobain's lyrics, but perhaps its just cos i can relate a bit easier and jonny greenwood stole the pixies sound too
  7. and then we got him to open them all up again all hail The Theif
  8. hey dylan... i sent you a pm, you have 24 hrs to comply, or else.
  9. oh for christs sake, theres not much difference, just get some ones that make you look like an alien
  10. i'd wear an ATTICS / CRAP something or other
  11. i made everyone here think i was a japanese girl for months dontletthemfoolyou
  12. agreed now, new years europe radiohead meet-up? could be fairly disasterous
  13. mmhm, i will be there in 3 weeks so like, theres arto.. and penny, but he wont come out of his cave who else?
  14. do you go to london sometimes? maybe we could exhange socks?
  15. and will i ever get to meet you
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