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  1. In times of great need, the board issues a sirensong to its children I'm all grown up but hey, baby
  2. When your copy of OKC has your friend, what to listen do you?
  3. WANTED: Aging piece of Crap seeks '04-06 era MT3ers. Post-Hipinion exodus, pre-alias meltdown. Fond of the following: Chitramyqueens, InHauntedJimis, Ruthspinnerbaits, Pennyroyaltys, Feeths and/or Dooths, and long(est) walks in general chat. MTVengers, Assemble! Also, the board has no record of members before July 04 and large chunks of history seem to be missing
  4. is MT observing daylight savings this year
  5. what timezone are you guys slacking off in
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