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  1. including aliases i have at least 21,953 posts with the serious names (where i have always been completely myself), i have 20,821 they include the follwing: crapdancesing s u b t i t l e s crap here are the others i can remember: god (shared) Jesus Christ
  2. its hazardous to MT's health also considered are
  3. naw its not like that, its just for fun and to motivate yourself and others
  4. i turned my livejournal into a crappy webcomic updates depend on wit and creativity bookmark/add now http://www.livejournal.com/users/crapdancesing/
  5. i finally updated my site, though it still doesn't exactly have much content. it's a start though. EDIT - oh, this is pins btw
  6. radiohead arent that unique, they just make nice sounds nirvana surfaced a culture and lyrically, i prefer cobain's lyrics, but perhaps its just cos i can relate a bit easier and jonny greenwood stole the pixies sound too
  7. and then we got him to open them all up again all hail The Theif
  8. hey dylan... i sent you a pm, you have 24 hrs to comply, or else.
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