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  1. Man I totally forgot about I Froze Up. Maybe on the HTTT 20th anniversary lolol I liked Skirting a lot when they played it on the TKOL tour in 2012 but I hadn’t listened to it for a while. Loved The Smile version immediately, and when I went back to the 2012 version I was floored with how different and sparse it was. It was good, but it’s holy shit good on this album, a definite 10
  2. FWIW, I don't really think ALFAA resets the clock at all. Thom and Jonny are restless and I think if the band decided to make music, they wouldn't have to wait long for those guys I think it's probably true that an RH album would have existed with many of these songs in different versions. I think Colin would have added a lot and presumably Ed would have worked his atmospherics magic. And the sequencing feels a little wonky to me in a way most RH albums don't, but that could be my overfamiliarity with the singles Yeah I am mostly with you, though Thom's solo releases have never satisfied the Radiohead itch for me. I liked Anima a lot, but it's definitely a different vibe. The 20th anniversary releases, though, and particularly the Exhibition were pretty nice I feel the same way about Radiohead and I'm sure a lot of this is us getting older and having more important things going on in life, and how long can you really obsess over a band anyways? But I've been more jacked up for The Smile release than anything since AMSP, and if Radiohead do indeed return at some point I will end up pretty giddy. But they certainly have nothing left to prove and if the pressure of a Radiohead release is more than they want to deal with at this point in their lives, I can't hold that against them. As much as I liked AMSP, though, I'd love it if they went out with something more optimistic. But there's always In Rainbows, and there's a kind of perfection to True Love Waits being their last official album song
  3. When AMSP came out, and for a while after, I was pretty sure it wouldn't be Radiohead's last album. Six years later and especially with the advent of The Smile, it seems likely that it was. I suppose everyone involved is leaving the door open, but it's not worth holding out a lot of hope at this point. All that to say, I am for all intents and purposes considering A Light for Attracting Attention to be LP10. Thom and Jonny together are good enough that if they keep making music, I'll be happy enough without proper Radiohead. Jonny recently said he's wished the albums could be 90% as good and twice as frequent, and ALFAA at least seems to fulfill the first half of that. And that's a trade I'd take even if I had a choice. It's a bit weird to be posting this here at this point with the board nearly dead, but it has been bummer to be jacked up for The Smile album over the last few days without being able to discuss it here with the old community. It's made me appreciate, even more, how much this place added to the enjoyment of new Radiohead releases.
  4. Yeah man, Thin Thing is awesome, I love the guitar I think the ones that stand out to me are the same as from the live show, but of course the production here is fantastic. I do miss the guitar crunch from the end of the live version of We Don’t Know What Tomorrow Brings, though Maybe Thom and Jonny can more regularly release music in this form
  5. Pretty weird that they’ve managed to release five singles while they’ve gotten their shit together with the release. I wonder what the story is there. I’d be tempted to move this thread to the main forum page since this is for all probable intents and purposes going forward, Radiohead
  6. If this isn’t the future, then I can’t figure out why it’s not Radiohead, cause these could easily be Radiohead songs. On some level they must either be done or have decided to lay low indefinitely.
  7. Yeah The Smoke is fine but doesn’t seem like a standout. More of a catchy single with that bassline The live performance most impressed me with Thin Thing, Skirting, and A Hairdryer. Also really like Free in the Knowledge and We Don’t Know What Tomorrow Brings
  8. Also, as cool as it was to hear True Pulk Waits, I am really glad they abandoned that ship. The version on AMSP is perfect
  9. Man, you know the board is dead when no one is talking about this. I watched the second concert on Saturday and it was fucking great, a perfectly acceptable substitute for Radiohead since it seems they’re done for the time being if not longer. Really fun to see Thom and Jonny live again and Skinner is a good match for them. Really looking forward to the album
  10. I was a bit underwhelmed by the re-issue, though the “new album” was pretty good. The exhibition, on the other hand, was pretty incredible, a true interactive work of art that I found myself surprised and moved by on several occasions
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