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  1. I saw this in my bookstore and was quite intrigued. It had the wrap on it though, so I couldn't peruse. I'm still PISSED that the B-sides were not a part of the rerelease, but I might consider this book.
  2. This was an interesting chat: Friday, Dec. 3, 2021: Thom Yorke and Stanley Donwood, plus more | CBC Radio
  3. Wasn't there some intense discussion amongst the band about releasing a double album of all 30 bits? I actually wish they did that. It would be even Whiter than The Beatles. I love trying to create a 2LP out of all of them. But now, for this release, they'll just ignore the leftovers from the 2 albums? I'm still baffled.
  4. Well, I don't want to sound like a broken record, but neglecting to include all those B-sides, shit or not, was the deal-breaker for me. People argue that we have them anyway, elsewhere. Well, sheesh, I also have Kid A and Amnesiac.
  5. I dunno. Maybe I'm OCD or something, but it gets on my tits when these 20 year anniversary things have recent work done on them. It's cheating.
  6. Yeah. I'm pushing 60. I look at my huge cd collection with much love/joy, and I feel sorry for the Spotify users. I need to buy a car soon - but it must have a cd player. Looks like my "new" car will be 2010ish. I was a bit pissed off with the 20th anniversary of OKC, in that we all had to guess if the unreleased stuff was new and/or old? (Does anybody know yet?) Is this also going to be the case for this set? ie No info on when vocals were recorded, or what was added/subtracted from 20 year old tracks? (Not that it really matters to me, because without those 7-8 b-sides, I'm not getting this fucker.)
  7. (Capitol Records must be pissing themselves with laughter. Radiohead saw fit to not include the 8 b-sides on their 20th anniversary release, thereby rendering Capitol's Special Edition the go-to source for said tracks.)
  8. Aw jeez, I really don't care about the "ban"/glitch/whatever. I think it is baffling that those 7 (or 8 if you count the extended Life In A Glass House) are not a part of this set. Sure, I can get them elsewhere - especially on that Capitol Records release that Radiohead had no part of. But how do those b-sides justify being left out of the 20th anniversary celebration? How hard would it have been to add them (30ish minutes) to the 34min of unreleased stuff? I think this oversight is a showstopper for me. I'll play the unreleased stuff on youtube or whatever, but I will not get this incomplete 20th anniversary set.
  9. Hello. 1. I started this thread. But now I seem to be "banned". Hence this new handle. 2. I confess to not having read all posts, so I may be missing some important details. 3. Am I the only one who is extremely pissed off that all of the original b-sides are not included in this set? (Or maybe I am missing something as per para 2?)
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