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  1. Pretty much agreed. I recall thinking, back in the IR days, about how long they would realistically keep going as a band, and producing music of that quality. I was hoping for another 2 albums - with one more at the level of IR - and I think that ended up happening (at least with AMSP). If The Smile is a new incarnation, or variations of it, based on Thom and Jonny (with Nigel and Stanley in the mix too), then frankly that's as close to an ongoing RH presence as it's possible to get (short of the whole band). Even, as you say, records like Anima, which to me was stunning.
  2. Yeah - it's more like looking forward to LP11 now - ALFAA is effectively LP10. And that puts the time 'cycle' back to 0 - so we're counting from now, not the release of AMSP. So, potentially a number of years. The real Q is whether the rest of RH will come together for an 'official' RH, or we have more The Smile-type projects, maybe with different additional members. Personally I'm not that fussed if the results are as good as ALFAA. You gave an estimate of 90% of the quality of a RH album - I'd say more like 95%, with the only difference being additional layers, and perhaps the effect of using a jazz drummer (which was basically a positive to my ears!). Produced by Nigel, artwork by Stanley, written by Thom with heavy input by Jonny on a number of tracks. How much different would it really have sounded? And by the way, I think it's brilliant. White Flag is probably the only track that's less than excellent, and sounds a little like an out-take from Anima. But otherwise consistently excellent - up there with the 2nd tier of RH albums - although not (for me) the top 4.
  3. It was a pretty good cover. Did they play the same set for each of the three shows? Given they weren't playing RH songs (well, Skirting on the Surface) they had plenty of songs for the show. It'll be interesting to see if there are any more 'The Smile' songs available for the tour from May - otherwise I could see them getting a bit sick of playing the 13 they had here ...
  4. Well, they're still referring to it as a side project, so presumably Radiohead is still in the background somewhere. The last 2 years, in and out of one sort of lockdown or another, may have resulted in normal band activities not happening - ie this might have been a lockdown project for Thom and Jonny (the studio versions seem to have been finished by about October last year). But, I agree these sound awfully like (slightly stripped down) RH songs. I obviously want to hear the final versions on the album - but I'm treating it as a pseudo-RH release. Some of Anima sounded like that to me too, especially Dawn Chorus / I am a very rude person. I suspect that Thom is still writing songs as 'normal' (whatever that means), but is at a stage where, if RH are not 'available' for whatever reason, he'll just record them anyway - rather than some of the earlier projects (like AFP), where I got the impression he was recording stuff that the band either didn't want, or he thought were too far away from where RH were going. The Anima and The Smile projects seem very much more a presentation of what he has available at a given time.
  5. I saw the 2nd concert too - thought it was excellent. Blown away a bit by how well Thom and Jonny played the bass parts! I really like The Smoke, and not fussed at all that it sounds a bit similar to some of the stuff on AMSP. Thom and Jonny just seemed to be having a good time, which is great. The songs are paired down, compared to the full band, but not actually that much. Still plenty of effects in the background, and Thom having to play and sing each song. If that is the future - ie if it becomes more than a Side Project, and keeps producing material at that level, I wouldn't be unhappy.
  6. In fact, The Smoke is excellent. Killer bass line, and easily RH-quality.
  7. Looking forward to the concert tomorrow! Remotely (in Sydney) in my case. The Smoke is pretty nice too.
  8. I'm liking the song a lot more after recent listens - lyrically very good too.
  9. Yeah, not sure what I think of the song - it's not just your speakers by the way ... I'll certainly sign up to the concert (Australian time zone version!), and interested in the album.
  10. The Smile (Jonny Greenwood, Tom Skinner, Thom Yorke) have announced their new single "You Will Never Work In Television Again" and a livestreamed concert at the end of January. More details at www.thesmiletheband.com
  11. Thanks - I eventually got it onto my mac - but I think we all know how well macs tend to react to games of any sort!
  12. Thanks for letting us know! By 'if you have the means' I'm thinking you're talking about the patience to go through multiple Epic Games downloads (it still won't recognise my account after about 20 minutes trying)! I'll try again tomorrow ... (Edit: It's downloading now)
  13. I think there is a view that they sound a bit discordant mixed in with the rest of Disk 3, and that they have more of a AMSP-era production (and vocal) sound. Disk 3, to me anyway, sounds like a lot of effort was put into making it flow like a stand-alone album (and that's likely how people will listen to it), and IYSTW and FMA can sound a little out of place. I don't have a problem with either of them, but they are my least favourite complete songs on the disk. Agreed about the 'freeing' aspect for the band. Those tracks didn't make it onto b-sides at the time, so there is an implication that they were considered too good for that, and reserved to be reworked as later album tracks. That didn't work out, and ... here they are.
  14. I get the impression Jonny was pretty actively involved, because the Pyramid and How to Disappear string pieces seem to have been expanded and reworked a bit, and instrumentals form a big part of the 2nd 'half' of Disk 3. LSP, Fog and Pulk/TLW are the definite highlights for me (and How to Disappear into Strings).
  15. Jesus Christ, the 'Why us' version of Spinning Plates should be the 'Why not' version! Glorious, and the precurser to the piano-riff version on the I Might be Wrong live set, which I always preferred. Excellent version of Fog too. Edit: and Penny is clearly correct about Pulk/TLW. Pleasantly surprised with the whole 3rd disk. The string tracks are worthwhile too.
  16. It's on Apple music too, for those who have sold their soul in that direction ...
  17. I take it there has been no more news on the Smile album? That could either be a pandemic-project (and lots of artists have had similar versions - eg Nick Cave and Warren Ellis who are also long time side-project collaborators), or point to a more long term future. I got the impression from Ed's solo album (and comments around it) that he was a bit out of love with the band. Query also with Phil. But a new version with Thom, Jonny and Nigel sounds attractive to me.
  18. I actually really like the video - I'll never see a drone the same way again! The end sequence is particularly good. The song itself isn't exactly a revelation, but it's good to hear a 'finished' version that keeps true to what it (probably) was originally intended to be. The 2017 version Penny posted (which has a great backing track) sounds more like an attempt to update it to somewhere near where the band was at the time. The vocals in it sound forced to me.
  19. Well, in the absence of any other recent work, I guess re-working older stuff is better than nothing at all. Assuming, of course, that the result is worth listening to.
  20. I mean, re OKC, there was subsequently the Minidiscs (Hacked) 'release' - which was more than I even knew what to do with ...
  21. "If you're stuck in rainbows, shattering glass Where you miss the moment, watching it pass If you say the word ..."
  22. A couple more listens in the vocals do sound recent. But it's not bad at all. The rest of the Disk 3 tracks are more what I was expecting - versions that evolved into the finals. Although - I thought we already had a fair few Morning Bells (including the 'official' live version)!
  23. I like it too - but vocally at least it does sound like a demo that didn't go anywhere. Hard to know where it could have fitted on either of the albums (and it's of pretty 'slight' quality compared to what made the cut). But there's enough for me to enjoy.
  24. I've gone for the Hardback Art Catalogue, which looks intriguing. I really don't need more copies of the existing Kid A and Amnesiac, so I'll wait for options on the 'new' Kid Amnesiae disc.
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