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  1. I mean, re OKC, there was subsequently the Minidiscs (Hacked) 'release' - which was more than I even knew what to do with ...
  2. "If you're stuck in rainbows, shattering glass Where you miss the moment, watching it pass If you say the word ..."
  3. A couple more listens in the vocals do sound recent. But it's not bad at all. The rest of the Disk 3 tracks are more what I was expecting - versions that evolved into the finals. Although - I thought we already had a fair few Morning Bells (including the 'official' live version)!
  4. I like it too - but vocally at least it does sound like a demo that didn't go anywhere. Hard to know where it could have fitted on either of the albums (and it's of pretty 'slight' quality compared to what made the cut). But there's enough for me to enjoy.
  5. I've gone for the Hardback Art Catalogue, which looks intriguing. I really don't need more copies of the existing Kid A and Amnesiac, so I'll wait for options on the 'new' Kid Amnesiae disc.
  6. Nowhere - thank for your helpful answer to my question before, but can I say your last posts are way over the top. If you really think the band have become (or maybe always were) the monsters you describe, what are you still doing spending your time listening to them or arguing about them? I've followed them since the late 90s, and they are no saints (I disagreed with their stance over BDS, for eg, a few years ago), but when you say they were "making a point to play an especially long show in Israel, over BDS picket line, just to spite Palestinians", or repeat trash about Thom's marriage break-up, you are doing no-one (including yourself) any favours.
  7. Hi, just reconnected after a couple of years (when I thought the site was actually dead - I think there were Russian squatters the last time I looked). Good to see some old faces still here (Penny!) and excited about this new release. Q: from the 1st look I had at WASTE, am I right that to get the disk of new material, the whole (3 cd) KidAmnesia set has to be purchased?
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