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  1. Defeatist anthem was released in 2014, a year before Daydreaming was even written.
  2. How did you put the heart next to my comment there? That's what I'm referring to.
  3. I noticed a couple of comments in an older thread have heart symbols next to them and it says which user liked them, but this option doesn't seem to be available now.
  4. I'm not sure which is worse, the fact Radiohead ripped one of their most critically acclaimed songs (Daydreaming) off a lesser known song from an unjustly hated Blonde Redhead era (Defeatist Anthem) or the fact that several of Coldplay's best songs in their early career (High Speed, Brothers and Sisters) were stolen from Gustavo Cerati (Puente) and Soda Stereo (Millon Años Luz). At least Coldplay admitted their theft by doing Soda Stereo covers in Buenos Aires. Radiohead owes it to Kazu, Amadeo, Simone to do Blonde Redhead covers next time they're in New York. The funny thing is Kazu's Salty lives up to its title just a bit, by being even more like Daydreaming than Daydreamimg was like Defeatist Anthem, as if she's just daring their hypocritical asses to try to pull a Lana Del Rey on her. It's also a lot better than Daydreaming tho,
  5. I'm pretty sure Bjork's masterpiece Quicksand is inspired by Nausicaa.
  6. Gregg Araki was in his 30s in 1997. Also this movie is clearly about young adults even though it is often described as about teens. The main characters are supposed to be over 18, and they're played by blatantly legal actors, and their lifestyle appears to be college students rather than high school. Also it's more of a parody of teen sex romps (which were often directed by elderly guys) than a teen sex romp. The other movies he did in his early career are about 20somethings around his own age when he made the films. I have no idea what he does now, but have you ever seen the Ingenue video? Straight white pervert in his 50s making daddy dance videos with 20something Japanese dancer who is supposed to represent his real life 20something Italian gf. Watch Utada Hikaru's tour documentary on Netflix and you can see the same dancer, Fukiko Takase, in a much more inspiring form.
  7. It's Thom Yorke's best work, just click it now, it's endorsed by WWF.
  8. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By2fzYjqGC8rNXE5ODFJQjBVeUE/view (not my account, but I found the dub on there. subbed version is harder to find without torrents.)
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