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    Lenny! got a reaction from love stepping out in How do you like/favorite posts?   
    i wanna do it like they do shit in the movies!
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    Lenny! reacted to dagobah in Like Spinning Plates [live] but played like the album version   
    Yes, of course.  Be aware . . . . . I added three spaces to the Internet address because I don’t like it when forums (and email websites) take an Internet address (that I have typed) and make it an active link.  I just want the Internet address to be plainly typed letters.  I think adding spaces does that.  I placed the spaces after https and google.  Here’s the Internet address:

    https ://docs.google . com/document/d/1kA8u6UhjbutZ-b7TXzmX4qkOTg6nGC1vPg50WwCcZyo/preview

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    Lenny! reacted to dagobah in Like Spinning Plates [live] but played like the album version   
    I finished listening to the music on the Radiohead MiniDiscs [Hacked].  I was interested in keeping only a few recordings.  This actually surprised me.  I found quite a bit of the recordings to be a little boring sometimes.
    And when something did catch my attention . . . . . boredom hit me in a different way.  It just gets old listening to different versions of tracks . . . . . over and over . . . . . and trying to figure out what's different between them.  Trying to evaluate which recording has better audio quality . . . . . over and over . . . . . that also gets tedious.  But I powered through . . . . . with the assistance of water, Red Bull and Pepsi . . . . . and with a few breaks here and there.  I thought this would take me weeks or months.  It actually took me a only few days and I'm very thankful for that.  If there is any forum member who contributed to the MiniDiscs tracklist at the docs.google website . . . . . I want to thank you for contributing to the tracklist details.  I sincerely appreciate having that information as a resource.
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    Lenny! reacted to dagobah in Like Spinning Plates [live] but played like the album version   
    I checked the Radiohead Public Library but I did not find any info about a live version of Like Spinning Plates played using the instruments on the Amnesiac album.  On a separate note . . . . . I finally finished the project I have been working on for about 1 year or so.  I didn't work on it every day or even every week.  I worked on it whenever I had time.  The project was to acquire live versions of every track I like (tracks written and recorded by Radiohead, Atoms For Peace and Thom Yorke solo).  I suspect most forum members have many live versions of tracks.  And they've had them for years.  My situation was different.  I only had a few live tracks when I started this project.
    As everyone knows . . . . . for the most part, most tracks are performed the same way by bands at each concert.  So my first challenge was just to find those typical performances, download them and organize them in my iTunes library.  In addition to that . . . . . I had to search out early live versions of tracks . . . . . or sometimes, only Thom & Jonny performed the track . . . . . or Thom played it all by himself . . . . . . or Thom performed a Radiohead track with Atoms For Peace.  The Citizen Insane website has been a great resource and I'm very grateful it is still available to use.  However, there's no one single database that contains every specific bit of info about different live versions . . . . . so sometimes, it took forever to look for that information at a wide variety of sources.
    Another issue was finding quality recordings.  As everyone knows, there's so many low quality concert recordings out there.  People would claim it sounded "great" . . . . . but then after listening . . . . . . many times I asked myself "What the hell?  That audio recording sounds like crap!"  As everyone here at the forum knows . . . . . the audio taper may be too close to the stage or too far from the stage or their location (in the audience floor) records poor quality audio of vocals but great guitars . . . . . or their location records great vocals but low quality audio of the guitars.  One of my biggest complaints was audience members talking, screaming or whistling while a song was being performed.  Most of the time, I decided not to keep those audio files.
    Another reason this project took me so long was . . . . . . after acquiring the audio files, I spent lots of time editing audio files in order to remove banter from band members (normally Thom, of course).    Obviously, that banter was usually right before tracks start.  And I wanted to remove most of crowd noise from before the music starts and remove most of the crowd noise from after the music ends.  My goal was to focus on the individual music tracks rather than entire concert experiences.  After all this work . . . . . I still couldn't find quality live versions of numerous tracks.  And yes, I know . . . . . some tracks just have not been performed live.
    My next project is listening to all the music that is on the MiniDisks.  I have to decide what's worth keeping.  I suspect I already have some of the music that is on the MiniDisks.  This COVID-19 situation has actually given me a chance to work on these projects.  And I still need to do this same type of live track project for some of my other favorite musical artists (Depeche Mode, U2, The Cure, Coldplay, Neil Young).
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    Lenny! reacted to walter ego in Um....Ed has released new music.   
    How dare you downvote me, lentil. Gonna make fucking dahl outta you.
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    Lenny! reacted to walter ego in Um....Ed has released new music.   
    From now on, it will be: Lentil
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    Lenny! reacted to sleepy jack in Um....Ed has released new music.   
    yeah it's a mostly flaccid with a couple of chubbies
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    Lenny! reacted to Naomi Whats in Um....Ed has released new music.   
    This album is very dull
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    Lenny! reacted to suzandelores in radiohead ringtones   
    Want to find the Radiohead suonerie gratis? I think suonerietelefono.net is exactly what you are looking for
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    Lenny! reacted to love stepping out in A Moon Shaped Pool named #128th best album of the decade by Pitchfork Media   
    I'm not sure which is worse, the fact Radiohead ripped one of their most critically acclaimed songs (Daydreaming) off a lesser known song from an unjustly hated Blonde Redhead era (Defeatist Anthem) or the fact that several of Coldplay's best songs in their early career (High Speed, Brothers and Sisters) were stolen from Gustavo Cerati (Puente) and Soda Stereo (Millon Años Luz). At least Coldplay admitted their theft by doing Soda Stereo covers in Buenos Aires. Radiohead owes it to Kazu, Amadeo, Simone to do Blonde Redhead covers next time they're in New York. The funny thing is Kazu's Salty lives up to its title just a bit, by being even more like Daydreaming than Daydreamimg was like Defeatist Anthem, as if she's just daring their hypocritical asses to try to pull a Lana Del Rey on her.
    It's also a lot better than Daydreaming tho,
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