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  1. would be pretty damn hard for them to play BACKWARDS! it'd be just like... LIKE SHITTING PLATES! plates on your ass bitch! PLATES ON YOUR ASS!
  2. you know I think you might just be right! i'll give you a little hint (you're not white!)
  3. kill him, sarah! USE YOUR GLOVE! Detach him from Datach'i ! mMales and Femme Mammalians!
  4. heh heh my work here is done!
  5. you could offer people free tokens! TOKENS! they could use (or lose!)
  6. I am stoned i'm fond of throwing stones! uh Uh ohhhh! OHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh!
  7. unlike rice! he spelled brassil wrong!
  8. i'm … going... HUNTING i'm The Hunter 😐 😕
  9. ask the jews! they never had to choose!
  10. I was wondering about this too apparently it begins at 50! I just hit that fiddy and there it was (and there you were!)
  11. now here is to here knows now known no when! the doomed generation sex! gay Asian perverts in their 60s making queer teen sex romps!
  12. Ed is Dead! just like MT JUST LICK ME! Scroooooooooooooooodge!
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