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  1. un-TILL the end of the earth world! which is coming next year I heard!
  2. now here is to here knows now known no when! the doomed generation sex! gay Asian perverts in their 60s making queer teen sex romps!
  3. is it just me or is that a LOT of potatoes? (it's a lot of tatoes!)
  4. Ed is Dead! just like MT JUST LICK ME! Scroooooooooooooooodge!
  5. Lenny!

    Rainy day artwork

    oh god I am SO sorry! your name!
  6. esspect… ze under suspected! WE HAVE BEEN REZ ERECTED!
  7. wear your gah damn helmet, speedo man! I am just so SICK of all these damn scooters all over these damn shitty cities! they've taken over! scooters and skaters and bikes! BOKES!
  8. road trip out to Portland with mein father to visit the sister and HIS sister (mein aunt!) some beautiful sights to behold even though driving through montana is always a bitch! also some really groovy weird spots in Idaho / eastern washing a tongue! oh man! Portland has gotten even worse than I expected in terms of ugly ass condo apartments popping up... way more than I would have guessed and they all look the same and just super sterile ugly ass design and some really really cool places closed down! (I would have guessed even more would have fallen by the way side! TIME WILL STILL TELL!) it changed way more in the last 2 years than it did in the 5 before! apparently Portland maine is set to be the NEW Portland!
  9. I guess THIS is growing up... ? where are your friends 2nite! when someone great has gone all wrong!
  10. mott any more she is knot!
  11. Lenny!

    2019 Other Music

    gang gang of radio 4 dance knife party!
  12. don't impeach mah orange peach! don't infuse the glues!
  13. they really bungled up this one eh!
  14. Lenny!

    Rainy day artwork

    oh that's rich coming from you!
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