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  1. GREENLAND WILL SOON BE HIS! you can't stop it!
  2. it s'all bout the he said she said bull shit!
  3. You're going to uh... Lenny's! they've got pitas at Denny's! I still wanna know why the HELL I was banished from posting (but could view the board!) for quite some time... never got ANY answers... couldn't make a damn new account I don't think … and why keep someone from posting on a DEAD BOARD where there's like 20 people left (at MOST) and maybe like 4 or 5 posts per day )(at LEAST!
  4. crazy naked insane sexy sorority girls! in wheelchairs!
  5. where you gonna go when there's no longer any snow! what! you say you've never seen snow before? get outta here! just get the hell out!
  6. well it is a step up from the last 2 and maybe about on par with Volume 3... but that one was like 15 years ago! nice that they added a tiny eensie bit of "experimentation" or shaking of things up! … can't argue with THAT!
  7. just make them make or release Disco Vol. 2 (through 5!)
  8. Lenny!

    2019 Other Music

    yeah make me! youre bitch!
  9. This is what you want? This is what you forget!
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