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  1. Jandek

    2019 Other Music

    hmm, i never liked her voice, Im not really trying to shit all over Lana dday but i also appreciate an aggressively bad take. Someone asked me to listen to NFR with them soon so i guess we'll see!
  2. Jandek

    2019 Other Music

    well i enjoyed it, made me laugh
  3. Jandek

    2019 Other Music

    easy candidate for most absurd music journalism quotation of the decade goes to Jenn Pelly just this morning in saying that Lana Del Rey is "one of America's greatest living songwriters" just emblematic of how fucking out of control peoples opinions are in america rn
  4. Jandek


    gotta rep Sumo Jungle Grandeur
  5. Jandek

    2019 Other Music

    what was the last good neil young album, im afraid to know best 2019 thing i listened to was Red Scorpions
  6. Unfortunately it wasn't me! When I was posting on MT I was a teenager. Cannot say I was cool enough to be listening to Jandek then. I think my username back then was maybe red_atm. I also havent searched much because cringe a lot of people on the board then were older and cooler than me and I looked up to them.
  7. I used to lurk here forever ago, this topic is legendary. Made my taste in music a whole lot better
  8. I stopped coming around 10+ years ago... I doubt anyone remembers me from before, I was probably annoying anyway. But I decided to come lurk again because I thought the place was cool. I got turned onto a lot of cool music here i remember a lot of the users that are mentioned
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