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  1. "Hrrrrnnggh Ed, this is Thom, I’m trying to record for LP 10 but I’m dummy thicc and the clap from my ass cheeks keeps throwing off Phil's drumming"
  2. I think I would download it and listen but i wouldn’t be as excited as I was for the In rainbows release. I wasn’t even terribly excited about a moon shaped pool. I don’t think I’ve been hyped about music in a long-ass time, probably because no one I Love has put out an album in YEARS (except BTS).
  3. I can’t even remember the last time I listened to AMSP all the way through.
  4. I think it's mostly that people don't use message boards anymore. I know there's a subreddit for Radiohead, but I've never been on there, because I mostly use Reddit to look at Jojo's Bizarre Adventure memes. Tumblr has? Had? A pretty active Radiohead community, I don't know about that either, because I don't use Tumblr for that, either! It's a lot easier to use those than it is to use MT, I think, because there's not like, an app for MT, it's kind of a pain to use this site on mobile. Can't even go to the last page on a thread, what's up with that? IT KIND OF SUCKS because I've been listening to Radiohead more than usual lately and I wish I had someone normal to talk about Radiohead with. (Is that even the right term? Normal? Probably not but I don't want to talk to Superfan Friend about Radiohead.)
  5. Cindy, you tell us to look at Radiohead's twitter and then don't even provide a link? What in tarnation?
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