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    Yeah, I ended up not going either. Really scary stuff. I will be honest I cried at the news coverage, it made me feel even worse knowing both of the children that died there are the same ages as both of my nephews. I want to actually go next year to support Gilroy now.
  2. I always really liked rock formations like that. Isn't it crazy how nature do that
  3. Me: Okay I really gotta send out applications TODAY. Me: this is the greatest possible time I can think of to reorganize my desk supplies. Think I'll listen to the Decemberists. Remember Party Cheetos? That son of a gun really loved the Decemberists.
  4. I hate having to deal with people for this reason alone, my dad is the WORST for this. Maybe they just really liked GTA San Andreas.
  5. I feel like you guys should post that in the thread directed at Jonathan, but what do I know?
  6. Reading a lot of my old posts is total cringetopia. Some of them still make me laugh but for a lot of them, it makes me wanna kermit
  7. Sometimes friends of mine post pictures of their rooms on Facebook or Snapchat or whatever, and I never can help noticing when people don't organize their wires, just a bunch of loose wires everywhere, like that one Pokemon, Tangela. It's horrible. It bothers me so much, I don't know why. We invented cable ties for a reason, it's what separates us from the animals.
  8. For some reason my dad loves iceberg lettuce, I don't really understand because it just tastes like eating water to me? Very bland. My favorite lettuce is romaine. I could crunch on it all day long, like a rabbit.
  9. Also every time my dad needs me to fix the computer for him I have to fight the urge to interrupt his spiels with “QUIET, BOOMER”
  10. I went grocery shopping today. When I was looking at my list, I thought, “Lettuce? What do I need lettuce for? Maybe I just wrote lettuce because of all the salad I’ve been eating for dinner lately.” Then when I was in line, it hit me. I needed the lettuce for BLTs oh god oh fuck
  11. After ten minutes I finally changed the ringtone on my phone to Doppio. Gonna be real funny when I call it because I'm looking for it.
  12. I've been meaning to watch Gundam anime but I don't know where to start, there's just so much! I've only watched Gundam Wing.
  13. It's from the Octo Expansion. The music is really good, I thought I liked it more than the Hero Mode music but then I went back and finished Hero Mode and I realized I just like all the music except the music in regular Turf War lol. There's also some pretty good Off the Hook stuff I was pumped during Final Fest when I heard Shark Bytes and Spicy Calamari Inktation lolll
  14. I tried looking for it but I couldn't find it!! I gotta badger my ex about this since he's the one whomst told me. People make alt accounts on Reddit all the time, but they're called "throwaways" there. I've been people make accounts just for memes, like KakyoinExplainsIt on the Shitpost Crusaders sub. God, I love Jojo.
  15. I became a better person when I was away from the board, but I think that's probably coincidental.
  16. I couldn't remember the login information for any of my original accounts!!
  17. I have been informed there is a Radiohead meme subreddit, goodbye.
  18. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I'm a believer in collective genius, so I think even if the Beatles didn't exist, someone else would've done something similar, at least, and the world would've been similar to now, although we wouldn't have commercials with shitty ukulele covers of Beatles songs and the best episode of the Powerpuff Girls, I guess. I dunno, I just don't think everything has to necessarily be that deep. It's just a fun movie.
  19. I just think it's a neat idea for a movie!! It's refreshing to see something that isn't a Disney property. (I'm looking at you, Marvel Shitty Studios and fifty million "live action" remakes of cartoon movies.) Watch, now I'll find out that it is a Disney property.
  20. Yeah, I'm not too big of a fan of Reddit, just because it's really impersonal, it's hard to build any kind of friendships/kind of community on there. I've been using it since late last year, and there's only one person who I can remember, because they post pictures of cups decorated with manga panels of Naruto/My Hero Academia/DBZ, lol. It also kinda sucks because you get downvoted for the wildest shit. I made a post in a Riverdale subreddit making a joke about how Hiram and Hermione Lodge survived drinking poison or whatever and someone called me a "fucking retard" and the score on the post was -4. What to heck? I've seen some other completely innocuous posts get downvoted to hell for no reason. I think it's because nefarious people are using the following option to follow people around and downvote all their posts. I'm glad Reddit is gonna make the followers public. Reddit is pretty on-point for memes though, which is the best use of it. I kinda wish I could make a Radiohead meme thread but I don't think MT has enough people to do it.
  21. Have you heard Octotunes yet? Straight bangers. I stan d3df1sh.
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