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  1. I can't believe I just found out Sade isn't an R&B solo artist in the year of our Lord two thousand twenty one
  2. I don't really get that review (the linked one) because I never found Kid A (or Amnesiac) to be particularly off-putting or weird... maybe it's just because I wasn't into Radiohead until 2006? Idk
  3. 1. Who is this dude you are talking about 2. Where can I read this
  4. Trent Reznor would never do that I'm shaking and crying rn
  5. What the heck is Radiohead Public Library
  6. So it happens across various devices and browers? That's odd. Have you tried using a new or different account? Does 2007-2014 count?
  7. I can only listen to like five songs off of AMSP, although to be fair I don't listen to any album of Radiohead's all the way through anymore, probably played them too much in my spring chicken years
  8. I tried looking for it but I couldn't find it!! I gotta badger my ex about this since he's the one whomst told me. People make alt accounts on Reddit all the time, but they're called "throwaways" there. I've been people make accounts just for memes, like KakyoinExplainsIt on the Shitpost Crusaders sub. God, I love Jojo.
  9. I have been informed there is a Radiohead meme subreddit, goodbye.
  10. Yeah, I'm not too big of a fan of Reddit, just because it's really impersonal, it's hard to build any kind of friendships/kind of community on there. I've been using it since late last year, and there's only one person who I can remember, because they post pictures of cups decorated with manga panels of Naruto/My Hero Academia/DBZ, lol. It also kinda sucks because you get downvoted for the wildest shit. I made a post in a Riverdale subreddit making a joke about how Hiram and Hermione Lodge survived drinking poison or whatever and someone called me a "fucking retard" and the score on th
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