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  1. When I got my last job, I was so busy all of the time and exhausted by how long it took for me to get there (two hours) and the hours were different from everyone else I know (1:30-10:00) and I think I ended up growing apart from most of my friends. When I got home and ate dinner and started to relax it was like 11PM, and I would go to bed around 2AM, and then get up at 10AM to get ready for work, so I ended up mostly talking to and doing things with my coworkers. Now I haven't been working there since January and I don't really talk to any of them anymore either. I feel pretty lonely most of the time. But the thing that actually bothers me is how I feel like I've just ended up growing apart from basically all of my friends. I wish I could just start talking to people and have it be like the good ol' times, but I know in my heart of hearts that everyone's moved on! It's a weird feeling... I guess this is just what happens when you grow up!
  2. So it happens across various devices and browers? That's odd. Have you tried using a new or different account? Does 2007-2014 count?
  3. Holy moly, party woo. Remember that "INFESTED!" show? It sounds like you're living through one of the episodes. Good luck! The other day, a spider was crawling on the ceiling towards my bed, and it's stupid popcorn ceiling (stupid Boomers) so I had to hit it with Raid... and it fell... and promptly disappeared. I wasn't sure if I should go to bed because what if it knew? What if it was now pissed off? What if it wanted revenge? Hope the exterminator comes through.
  4. What OS and browser are you using?
  5. I just finished reading Fire and Blood and I still want to know exactly what the deal is with Valyria, but also I'm disappointed because I never got to find out what the deal was with the Blackfyres. My library doesn't have A World of Ice and Fire or whatever it's called, so I guess I have to request it on their link+ thingy.
  6. I've started watching Master Chef. There's no greater pleasure than criticizing someone for not knowing what a papaya looks like when you're eating a microwaved Hot Pocket.
  7. I wish I knew more about rocks. Where do they come from? How do they work? What do you feed them?
  8. Oh shit, are you in the path of Dorian too? How hard will you get hit? I checked on two former MTers in the Carolinas yesterday. I've never been in a hurricane. I looked up a YouTube video of a hurricane once and it was pretty much exactly how I thought the end of the world would be like. But on the other hand, it was totally no big deal in the Baby-Sitter's Club book I read where they were in a hurricane, so I am confusion.
  9. I can only listen to like five songs off of AMSP, although to be fair I don't listen to any album of Radiohead's all the way through anymore, probably played them too much in my spring chicken years
  10. I can't believe it's 2019 and I'm editing photos of Pigeon Point and listening to Radiohead. It's like I'm a god damn kid again
  11. I think it'll only take maybe twenty minutes at the most to go through my shots from today and edit the colors on them, then four hours later I'm still working on it because I always forget I need my sensor cleaned adfhadslkhkladshfklh
  12. yung midoriya


    Yeah, I ended up not going either. Really scary stuff. I will be honest I cried at the news coverage, it made me feel even worse knowing both of the children that died there are the same ages as both of my nephews. I want to actually go next year to support Gilroy now.
  13. I always really liked rock formations like that. Isn't it crazy how nature do that
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