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  1. Would this be a thread to talk about movies I want to see? I really wanna see that movie Yesterday just after seeing the trailer!! I also wanna see Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Rip Luke Perry ☹️🍺💦 (That’s me pouring out an emoji beer)
  2. I just listen to the Splatoon 2 soundtrack over and over because it goes hard
  3. yung midoriya


    Dang. I kinda want to go and try the garlic ice cream just to stay I did even tho it prob tastes gross. But I live close enough so I don’t have an excuse to not go tbh lol. It’s weird though how many people have come out of the woodwork openly... I’ve seen neo Nazi graffiti and even white supremacist stickers peppered everywhere!! I tear them down and all, but it’s still a bad feeling. I’m just comforted by the fact I’ve seen other people tearing down flyers and messing up the stickers too. Honestly it’s the drug problem that concerns me more than anything else.
  4. yung midoriya


    Did you ever go to the Gilroy Garlic Festival? I hear about it all the time but people act like it’s just a joke. I think the garlic smell would be too strong for me, it’s hard for me to be by a place that even sells garlic fries... 😰 A lot of people are moving to Oregon now. I’ve heard Oregon and Washington have a lot of white supremacists, which is really sad, ‘cuz it’s a beautiful place, but I guess most places north of here is mostly meth addicts/white supremacists outside of the major cities. I don’t know how true it really is.
  5. I always do this because my computer chair is busted up and sinks down to the lowest setting, and since I’m not a hobbit, it’s really uncomfortable. I’ve been thinking of getting a bar stool to use instead. 🤔 Also, I can’t figure out how to heart react, every time I tap on it, it just tells me who liked it.
  6. Bruh Moment #1 The job title says "entry level." I click on it. The job posting says, "Must have 5+ years relevant experience." I look into the camera like I'm on the Office, which I'm not... because I'm unemployed.
  7. So you guys know that song, “Chain of Fools”? I just realized that what they’re singing is “Chain, chain, chain / chain of fools”... when I heard it as a kid I thought they were saying “Jay, Jay, Jay / Jay the fool” I remember being baffled and wondering what Jay did to have a song immortalizing his foolishness so
  8. I can't believe it's been half a year since I got the Slack invite. I accepted it and joined the website, but I am just a humble dumbass, so I couldn't figure it out. I'm glad MT is back up for this reason alone, although it looked like a lot more people were posting there? I saw box and Rose posting there at least. I actually missed a lot of people from MT!
  9. "Hrrrrnnggh Ed, this is Thom, I’m trying to record for LP 10 but I’m dummy thicc and the clap from my ass cheeks keeps throwing off Phil's drumming"
  10. Skuj was even posting but didn't see this, rip tmonk
  11. I just watched Into the Spiderverse damn that's a good movie tbh.
  12. Fuck dude, all I did was look at your signature and think "Sick Jojo reference"
  13. Spaghetti is lit, I can't believe someone posted such a hateful thing about spaghetti. I'm shaksing and cryign rn
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