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  1. AtEase forums were still a lot more active than the ones here.
  2. I think a lot of people have issues with the HoF because so many inductees now aren't really rock and roll, even Radiohead. I guess it is nice to be recognised but a lot of people see it now as having been diluted because of a lot of the acts that are now inducted.
  3. I always enjoy Thom's solo performances. These are no different. Brilliant. The album is a good soundtrack LP.
  4. I am wrong in your opinion, but correct in mine. So be it!
  5. Yeah agree with this. It sounds wicked on the Blu-Ray version of The Basement. And I love Staircase too!
  6. You had lots of bidders. Hope you got what you wanted for it.
  7. Hey all. Has anyone heard whether another From The Basement will be recorded for Moon Shaped Pool or whether it looks unlikely?
  8. I know the feeling. Last time I saw them was in 1994 just before The Bends came out. They haven't been to Perth since.
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