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    sit down stand up
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    tool, mars volta, matthew good band, incubus, smashing pumpkins, red hot chili peppers, broken social scene, frank zappa and all the classics (pink floyd) sufjan stevens....etc
  1. Sit down Stand up dude, it gives me the chills and the raindrops fuck with your head!
  2. Although Noel is a rowdy beer drinking coked out british bastard who could bust moves out like bruce lee...I predict a first round knockout for thom york by unleashing a high frequency, super pitched moan of which thom calls his signature move: "The Tourist"
  3. dude your link just takes me to the main page, help me out please
  4. Sit Down Stand Up. (but while we're talkin poles (despite the lack of a couple key tunes) climbing up the walls easily takes it)
  5. much emphasis on the april 30th being a tuesday...is this meaningful? (in a way i hope not...too long)
  6. I think he's trying to get you in the sack.
  7. i agree with this man right here......fuck all of you, and quote thom..."knowone cares if all of you live or die" just kiddin but seriously, if u dont agree, then ur just posting on this site just to be some dumbass nerd wit no friends.....ps: im drunk......and i still know more then all of u!
  8. ur a radiohead fan and ur just figuring out the limitless possibilities of weed enhanced music now? haha party on.....and i have one song for u....sit down. stand up.
  9. I wanna second that, or at least the gloaming.....shit any of em
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