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  1. Wow, your line story sounds traumatic! Ironic that waiting in line overnight for ticket centers to open came up in this convo, cuz my favorite story about waiting all night in line was my friend's story and she was waiting for REM tix. She was actually excited to do it, it was her 1st time, and she and her friend were all ready to camp out with a bunch of REM diehards. But there was a key piece of info she didn't know until she got there... the next morning, REM wasn't the only show going onsale. Ratt tickets were going onsale too!! Remember them, the hair metal band Ratt? They were huge at that moment, so she was in line with quiet nerdy REM fans and LOUD raucous Ratt fans, and let's just say the camping out was NOT what she expected! I need to go tell her that I just repeated that story...
  2. Enjoying this discussion! Heartofglass, I'm getting worried that you haven't checked in yet - everything ok? How did the show go for you?
  3. You're a rockstar for even reading it all, and I'm very glad you enjoyed it! It felt good to write it, especially with last night having been my last Radiohead show this tour and me being all nostalgic already about that, so fun to go back yesterday and write all that out.
  4. Soooooo... I have some great news! Bad news for you if you really are attached to your Kid A cd sleeve... I spent both Philly shows sitting near/in the band's guest section, spoke to several people with AAA passes or who were not only AAA but clearly working for them closely (i.e. just kept coming out doing things for the guests or giving guests passes). Long story short, NO, this is NOT a farewell tour. It may be awhile before we get a new Radiohead album and then another tour, so we should be ready to wait quite a while, but no, this is NO "farewell tour", not doing an REM where you play your last tour without announcing it as such until it's over. Radiohead WILL be back, Goddess willing and the creeks don't rise! So now that that's settled, my question is how long do we wait before you eat your cd sleeve? Do we have to wait until the next tour is actually announced, or is a new Radiohead album enough time?
  5. heart of glass, if you were at the show last night, you weren't wearing a yellow shirt and in the GA section were you? Someone passed out and needed medical attention last night and I was worried it was you!
  6. Hi there Sleepy Jack, 1st off maybe we were at the same (or close to same) Great Woods show with REM, because I also saw Luscious Jackson open at Great Woods on Monster (or what tour was that if not Monster?). But I feel like I saw Grant Lee Buffalo too, just can't remember what year that was. 2nd, I'm about to post setlists for both the 2 shows I talked to Peter Buck about, but I should clarify first and give context for why, after seeing about 1,500+ concerts in my life (probably closer to 2,000 now) this show stands out SO MUCH. Sorry, this will be long, but you did ask It's probably just as much about it being a particularly great show, as it was *my* personal experience as a fan at that specific show. It was the Document tour, and I love Document but Life's Rich Pageant was probably and still is probably my favorite REM album and I was MADLY IN LOVE with seeing them do songs from that live. So I went in already goo goo ga ga for the likely setlist which was mostly LRP and Document. Then add the context that it was NYC, Radio City Music Hall, 2 sold out nights. Most bands love to play NYC, and it was just a hyped up vibe both nights in the audience. More context: to put it frankly (and Peter Buck confirmed this): Night 1 at least 2 of the 4 of them were super drunk by the time they went onstage, and it just wasn't a great performance. Still fun, still good, but it was lacking. This was one of the 1st things Buck said that matched my memory of the 2 nights. Night 2: jayzus did they bring it! And more specific to me, Night 2 I was very front row, between Stipe and Buck. I had an interesting "look" then, and I tended to get a bit of attention for the way I looked, AND I was singing every word of every damn song they played. The thing that was INTENSE about this show for me that made it the best of all was that I often felt transported to another place, got so into the music I had my eyes closed a lot, and often when I opened them, Michael Stipe or Bill Berry were looking right at me. Several times we held each others' gaze as they played and I danced and we all sang. It was like being part of the dynamic. I had backstage passes for both shows because I knew people working there, so after Night 2 when i saw Stipe and then when I saw Berry, they both said similar things: Stipe said "I was feeding off your energy the whole night" and Berry said something similar, so I knew I didn't imagine it, I was a little piece of the dynamic and THAT made it an unreal, unforgettable concert for me to love the band, the songs, and the experience so much AND to have 1/2 the band say I was part of their experience too. I was just speechless for ages. Only thing that would have made it even more perfect (cuz it was already perfect) would have been if they'd done "Just A Touch" Night 2 also, because that's one of my most favorite LRP songs. But fuck it, I was beyond joyous so it was all good. AND they did my favorite cover, Crazy by Pylon, so that made up for no Just a Touch Ok, so I've blabbed on about that, let me know what your sources say about these 2 shows: 6 October 1987 - Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY support: 10,000 Maniacs set: Finest Worksong / These Days / Welcome To The Occupation / Cuyhahoga / Exhuming McCarthy / Orange Crush / Feeling Gravitys Pull / King Of Birds / Sitting Still / Title / Tired Of Singing Trouble / I Believe / Fireplace / Driver 8 / Superman / Oddfellows Local 151 / It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) / Begin The Begin encore 1: Disturbance At The Heron House / Fall On Me / The One I Love encore 2: Midnight Blue - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For / Ain't No Sunshine / Just A Touch encore 3: Harpers / Wolves, Lower / Life And How To Live It 7 October 1987 - Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY support: 10,000 Maniacs 10,000 Maniacs set included: A Campfire Song R.E.M.: Finest Worksong / These Days / Pilgrimage / Disturbance At The Heron House / Exhuming McCarthy / Orange Crush / Feeling Gravitys Pull / The Flowers Of Guatemala / Fireplace / Tired Of Singing Trouble / I Believe / Maps And Legends / Driver 8 / Superman / Pretty Persuasion / Oddfellows Local 151 / It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) / Begin The Begin encore 1: Strange / Title / Fall On Me / We Walk / 1,000,000 / See No Evil encore 2: Harpers / Crazy / The One I Love notes: Natalie Merchant guests on 'We Walk', Michael guests on 'A Campire Song' with the 10,000 Maniacs on their opening set. After 'The Flowers Of Guatemala', Michael again quotes from David Bowie's 'Diamond Dogs' - "This ain't rock and roll, this is genocide".
  7. heartofglass did you go last night or is your show tonight? If you went last night, what did you think and how do you feel today?
  8. helter skelter, I don't know if your theory about this being the band's farewell tour is true or not, but I DO know that you saying that and others agreeing with you has a direct correlation and causation with the OUTRAGEOUS amount of money I spent at the merch tableS!! Yes, that's tableS, because I already covered that the merch tables are different from each other. (No, didn't buy one of everything, just kept seeing new individual items that weren't at other merch stands)
  9. I'm just back from Boston 2 and I'm not sure MY heart was able to handle tonight's show, it was so amazing! Heartofglass you'll have a great time and I'm rooting for you to not need *any* medical attention!
  10. Wow. That is QUITE a story! I am now totally rooting for you, your heart, and your mind (because hopefully your heart will be fine but your mind will be blown) and I hope you have a life-changing (in only positive ways) experience at your Philly show! Your situation also makes my situation for Philly seem silly in comparison. It was already a huge drain on my work and family situation to go to both Boston and then both Philly shows on weeknights (cuz I live in DC), but I bought tix for all 4 shows and figured I'd figure it out later. Then some other important financial/family stuff came up and really, I should have been in Atlanta this weekend working it out. But I had faith that I'd figure it all out and make things work out even BETTER and still at least do Boston, but Philly was still looking rough. Now I'm flying to Atlanta tomorrow early, working literally non-stop for a full 14hr day, hopefully getting it all done, and then getting on a flight to Philly instead of DC tomorrow afternoon. No idea what I'll do with my suitcase at Wells Fargo center (quite sure I can't take it to my seat!), but I'll figure that out when I get there. And hope I don't have to leave the show too early to get my train back to DC... Most likely will have to miss the 2nd Philly show though, although when I saw on the t-shirts that it's the last US show on this round, it feels UN-MISS-ABLE!
  11. hackd, I was there, not in GA but in row 3 of reserved so with a perfect view of GA. No seats in GA (unless you're sitting with the sound and light crew). Radiohead seems to usually only sell enough tix that it is crowded in front but you can also hang back and have a view of hte stage from maybe midway back on the floor. The back of the floor had plenty of space to move around, though there were people sprinkled everywhere. You only need to get there early if you're intent on being in the very front, in which case if you're only reading this now you're probably too late for that for Boston. But not for Philly
  12. I reject that notion (as applied to Radiohead anyway, cuz current events says that song is actually right...). But I do love that song. But I reject the notion!
  13. Noobs Unite! Start marinating that cd sleeve... it's in your digestive future!
  14. What is a "DAS post"? And for the record, nothing against you but I really hope that a year after this tour ends, we'll all be watching video of you trying to chew and swallow your Kid A cd sleeve, maybe with some ketchup and chasing it back with your drink of choice... Because, of course, without video, you eating the cd sleeve didn't happen. It won't be easy on your tummy but it would be far preferable than all zillion of us crying and trying to cuddle with our Radiohead music collections while in therapy.
  15. Lucky you Sleepy Jack, you saw that combo! I'm full of envy (and happy for you)! Trust me, I was stunned that Peter Buck could recall that specific show. It was 30 yrs earlier, and I KNOW he remembered specifics because some of the specifics he remembered about how the 2 night stand went were exactly what I remember about why the 1st night was one of the less good REM shows I saw, and the 2nd night remains my #1 best REM show and concert ever from a fan perspective. He didn't remember the 2nd show as some stellar outrageously superior REM show the way I did, but he remembered the shows and was able to comment on them in some detail and compare them. Ridiculously incredible memory!
  16. As a rabid REM fan (seriously, I've seen over 1,000 concerts, and while a Radiohead show is in my top 5 ever, REM is in the #1 spot), I still gotta say... I do NOT see how you think Radiohead is an REM rip off. Good point in reply above about Electioneering. But other than that, no, don't see it at all. Doesn't mean REM didn't influence Radiohead musically, or their members personally; given how early in Radiohead's career they supported REM, and how much REM loved and still loves Radiohead, I'm sure there was some cross-fertilization there. But an REM rip off? Don't see that in any way whatsoever. But this brings up the sore point in my music history that when I saw what I think was one of REM's weakest shows, on the Monster tour, I found out years later we missed having Radiohead as the opener by ONE SHOW. They finished their opening slot the tourdate before, and I think we got Grant Lee Buffalo in Boston the next show? I'm still incredibly sad about that (nothing against Grant Lee Buffalo). So, aside from not seeing/hearing what you see/hear OP, this post does give me an excuse to tell this Radiohead/REM crossover story: last year when Radiohead played in Portland, OR, I went to the show on my own. I was walking around between the openers and Radiohead in the Moda Center (is that the correct name?) and I was thinking about the whole "Top 5 shows ever" for me and how lucky I was to have seen those 5 or even the top 10 shows, because they were life-changing shows. REM was at the top but Radiohead remains one of my all time top fave live bands ever ever (with stiff competition only from the Clash, Jeff Buckley, and REM) so I was thinking about both bands but a lot about that #1 REM show. Then just scanning the crowd as I walk around I do a double take, then a triple take, and realize I am NOT imagining things, there is Peter Buck of REM standing there (and Scott McCaughey (sp?)), in plain view in the main walkway. I walk up to him, blink a couple of times, and tell him why he was literally just on my mind. He asks me which show was my #1, I tell him and mention specifically it was the 2nd show of a 2 night run, and HE starts to tell ME all about both shows, and I realize I'm standing in a venue about to see my beloved Radiohead, hearing Peter Buck tell me about MY favorite REM show from his view, and I just about imploded, can't believe I lived to tell this now, it was so beyond magical!!! And of course the show was fantastic (though I think the actual show in Seattle the night before was a better show, but this was a better setlist if I recall). So that was a pretty damned incredible night as a music fan. Sorry, what were we talking about? How REM and Radiohead are each their very own unique bands, and both stunningly incredible bands, live and recorded? Yes, yes I agree with that completely!
  17. My most precious piece of Radiohead memorabilia is in storage at the moment, but it's a backstage pass for a non-Radiohead event that was supposed to be for Thom, but when I checked in to get my pass (I was working) the guy in charge of the passes didn't have any blank ones so he looked for a name he thought he could cross out on the ones he had. (This was a LOOOOONG time ago!) He finally finds a name, looks at it like "No idea who this is" and crosses the name out, writes mine over it, and gives it to me. After a night working at the event as people were leaving and some people were heading backstage, I spotted Thom, Ed, and 2 of the 3 Beastie Boys. I went over and asked if they needed help, they told me who they were looking for, I knew where that person was, and I led them. I got over my internal hurricane of emotions and started what turned out to be the most precious Radiohead memory I have, a convo with Thom that began with me talking about the pass situation (he then showed me his, he had one with someone else's name crossed off and his name written over it!) and went on after that. So that is my most precious and I'm pretty sure one of a kind (for this event, anyway) Radiohead memorabilia. The only other time I met Thom, several years later, I was not able to calm myself and even though he was gracious as hell, I pretty much mortified him, myself, and I think maybe his manager or tour manager at the time (not totally sure who the other guy was but he was close to Thom). But no security were needed or anything, so it wasn't that kind of mortifying, just... it was so unexpected and I just wasn't my usually cool self. Hey, humans and all! I think the excitement was pretty understandable.
  18. So seems like everybody here is all set in terms of those who wanted to go to Boston? I know I'm offering this late, but I didn't even know this board existed (I'm tech-clueless). Well, to all those going to Boston, sounds like we're all in for a fantastic ride!! Hope you enjoy the shows tremendously, I imagine I will!
  19. Wow, I truly TRULY hope you guys are wrong about this being a farewell tour! But in the sad event it turns out to be, you at least are making me feel MUCH better about the fact that the timing of these Boston shows and the Philly shows has become a royal clusterf**k in my life in terms of other adult responsibilities. In a lot of ways, the responsible thing to do would have been to cancel this trip to Boston (I live in DC) and sell the tix and definitely skip Philly. But I've tried to manage the other issues and made peace with the imperfection of the situation, and here I sit in Boston after a crazy early flight, Arctic Monkeys tonight, and TWO Radiohead shows Sat and Sun. And then, just last night, because of the other issues I'm juggling, I changed my return flight Mon from Boston to DC to Boston -> Atlanta, will work like crazy for 1.5 days on situation, but instead of booking Atlanta -> DC, I booked Atlanta -> Philly to at least catch that 1st Philly show, then train it back to DC and be a ZOMBIE for work the next day. Even if this is just a kick-ass amazing tour and it's NOT a farewell tour, I'm sure I'll be glad I am doing this madness. But if it DOES turn out to be a last tour...... I'll be so glad I did all this insanity. But I hope it's not.
  20. Hello everyone, I'm brand new here, but not at all brand new to Radiohead (I think I've seen every tour since Pablo Honey). I'm THRILLED to be going to both of this weekend's concerts in Boston, probably the only shows on this leg of the tour that I'll get to see. And from what I read here and what I've heard elsewhere, they are in top form! I bought 2 single tickets to Saturday's show and the friend I was holding the other ticket for can't go now, so I have one single ticket in Loge 11, row 5 available for face value. Not sure if people are looking but feel free to get in touch if you are! It's great to be here, I've been reading and have so much more to read! Thanks!
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