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  1. I did scour google for Lindermang... and was surprised at the void of nothingness. I will do my best to research this further, assuming you are serious (which I also assume you're not).
  2. LMAO! This is actually hilarious about the "family and friends." My wife once said "I used to love Radiohead, but now I hate them." And my sister used to be driven insane in high school when I would listen to TNA at full volume on repeat for years on end. Too true!
  3. Hi everyone! My name is Sean and I just launched an interview-based podcast show called "OK Podcast." I'd like to invite you to check it out and give me your feedback on the concept. If you're interested in coming on as a guest please get in touch I'd love to hear from you and discuss the music of Radiohead! The first guest was Warren Lain who runs the "WarrenMusic" YouTube channel. he shared some really incredibly insights into his working method and love for the band's music. The next guest (launching Friday) is Brad Osborn, author of the book "Everything in Its Right Place: Analyzing Radiohead." We had a mind-blowing conversation that I'm still not done fully absorbing about how Radiohead's perhaps most artistic achievement is the "Goldilocks Zone" of experimentation. Here's a link to the show, I hope you love it!: www.okpodcast.com
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