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  1. i think you have just started/stopped lying to yourself tybalt
  2. except for the top 40 thing your dead on
  3. fuck videotape! how bout permanant daylight?
  4. http://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?action=download&ufid=F7C336956574D6F3
  5. If I join can we sacrifice a coldplay fan? P.S. I'm asking if i can join.
  6. A while back I heard someone do that Sam Jackson style impersonation "Radio mothufuckin head" for mars volta. Now i use it for tons of stuff. Nice pic. P.S. when does snakes ona plane come out?
  7. Personally, Coldplay is da shit. Parachutes will always kick ass. And if any of you say "oh, you listen to shit music" . . . YOU JUST DISSED RADIOMOTHERFUCKINGHEAD. because they are my iPod.
  8. Is anyone else tired of all the what if threads here?
  9. I'm the only one who voted for 8???
  10. you have to remember that none of the tributes have been that good
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