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  1. well i guess bleesh wasn't far off the mark with his minimalist concept on radiohead
  2. wtf it's a limited run, this is low compared to what i've seen
  3. the problem is that it's the wrong equipment. you need to place a cd in an audio disc player. bluryas are for high tech video films ryan
  4. my AIM is harrington1221 if you get it. hope to talk to you soon gurben

  5. hello foppe i simply use AIM. i have also been on eel's minecraft server

  6. ha ha great stuff good to see foppe here
  7. noooooo i need thaaaaat

  8. well, that's where my next home will be in spring/summer. don't have anything picked out yet, but my friends and i have decided JP is where we wanna be. move back over here! it's a better town now!

  9. yeah so i shouted at my art classes and they all blew through the wall.
  10. when you suffer from severe psychosis such as the original poster, you tend to construe words to your own meaning. 2 plus 2 does equal 5 to these people. sad.
  11. extremely ridiculous and annoying to basically say if you don't like modeselektor then you don't get electronic music.
  12. good to know that people who dislike TKOL will cause people to write way too long posts claiming that these people don't know what they're talking about. quit being such elitist pansies.
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