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  1. i wouldn't count on anyone responding kindly. it's a show, people are going to get loose.
  2. I'm so on board with this
  3. do NOT get rid of the spanking one. if you have to get rid of any, get rid of this one:
  4. It is a memorial dedicated to those with 0 posts. Show some fucking respect.
  5. This thread is dedicated to the memory of those Mortigi Tempo users from the Archaia Period (??-03) to the Terciasphera Period (aka "Golden Era") (04-06) to the Calcitronium Period (07-10) to the Postaerium Period (11-14) and to the current Diocaen Period, who signed up to be a part of this community but did not return upon registration completion. Here is the eternal emoticon dedicated to them burning brightly from now until the stars fade from our skies. Rest eternal.
  6. anyone can play guitar grooves like a mafucka and the bassline tears ass. yo i WISH radiohead would write a song like that but they gotta stay on them laptops. sheeeeeit.
  7. -Ryan

    this board

    i'll take a series of photographs of me making cute faces
  8. because this forum just sometimes disappears on me. like, the link just does not exist. i use chrome. what is up with that?
  9. do you think "packt like sardines in a crushd tin box" would be better if the lyrics were i'm a reasonable dude get off my case ?
  10. -Ryan- came and brought heavy metal and punk rock to the board and saw that it was good. Years later, MT's music taste turned into music used in the background of a Portlandia sketch. -Ryan- abandoned the faithless.
  11. haha me neither people overrate the hell out of live show experiences i think.
  12. There's more to his stuff than born in the USA
  13. There's more to his stuff than born in the USA
  14. yeah fuck old people music and actual sweat put into a recording process. the future belongs to cold, sterile digital information!!! less guitars, more macs!
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