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  1. he was absolutely directing his anger at palestinian flag wavers. come on now. he's being a dickwipe.
  2. the other day i was thinking about dying my hair black or white and when i told my barber that they started screaming at me saying YOU NEED TO BLEACH IT FIRST AND THEN ADD THE COLOR ITS NUANCED ITS NOT THAT FUCKING BLACK AND WHITE and i got scared
  3. The Tourist Videotape Blow Out Life in a Glasshouse Motion Picture Soundtrack Street Spirit Wolf at the Door True Love Waits Separator
  4. Roff^ Everything Packt 15 Step Burn the Witch Airbag Planet Telex Bloom 2+2=5 You All strong as hell openers though
  5. I guess this speaks to the level of your overall intelligence
  6. while it is true that it's only a show, the bigger picture is that radiohead are a band that we all believe hold higher standards to humanitarianism. it's important to stay true to that no matter how nuanced it is.
  7. you do realize you do not have to buy the $130 boxset right it's a snazzy boxset reissue of a 20 year old album. edit - oh man you posted the exact same thing in the other thread. stop being such a wet fucking blanket.
  8. -Ryan


    music will bring the children of israel and brothers and sisters of palestine together......
  9. all you need to know about this guy really that, and that he wears flannel with shorts and high white socks. so nerdy!!! dude's like the big bang theory of music reviews.
  10. i think you guys need to lay off him, he's the internet's busiest music nerd after all
  11. nope. Unless they perform a song that blows the studio version out of the water. I was kind of in your position because I latched on to Radiohead 'round OK Computer and didn't see them until 2012 but I barely remember any of it which is pretty annoying.
  12. I came in here expecting to see some wacky opinions but got "Radiohead are the best band in the world" and "none of their songs are bad." It's like the fan forum equivalent of the "my biggest weakness might be that I care too much lol" for job interviews. Disappointed.
  13. hey fuck the both of yas, I have it on original analog reel to reel which I play on my $100,000 hi fi system underwater. Both of you are fvkken posers.
  14. box how do you explain this message you sent me at 4 o'clock in the morning then?
  15. sheesh way to be an over-analytical blowhard over a completely innocuous post
  16. I like how there's virtually no GRTers in this thread. They can smell it.
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