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  1. one of the dumbest fucking arguments i've seen on this topic.

    Nice false equivalency.



    so a band doesn't have a right to protect their music?

    what the fuck is wrong with these clueless comments?


    "and they don't need the money".   LOL are you fucking 12?

    so by that logic, if Radiohead were broke, you'd be ok with this?


    it has NOTHING to do with needing the money.

    it's business.

    it's not right if another artist rips off another artist.  There are consequences.

    whether it's radiohead behind this or the publisher or whomever, it is imperative to protect their music.

    it blows my mind how judgmental people are being about this without knowing and understanding the business and the legalities of this stuff.


    "the beginning of the end"   lol jesus.

    bunch of naive, whiny brats.



    Whatever second video you posted it doesn't play due to privacy settings.


    Also- seems obvious given that you're "new" here that you're just here to start shit or are an alias.



    good retort.



    oh and of course i know about The Hollies.

    people keep bringing that up in these discussions as if it's relevant.

    it isn't.



    oh and by the way, here's the latest update:






    so, yeah.

    all you whiny, judgmental brats jumped the gun without knowing any details and thus commenced your knee-jerk reactions.


    well any of you admit you were wrong?  

    not likely.


  2. Not going to get a lot of votes acting like that.


    I also don't think the rock and roll hall of fame is currently comparable to an awards show - so he's being kind of a Debbie downer here.


    Has he been to the rock and roll hall of fame? I don't think it's as show bizy as he seems to think. I got the sense of a genuine appreciation for music and musicians.


    And I seem to recall a certain country making the grand standing claim that the "sun never sets" on their empire - so spare me this British humbleness act.


    Reading the associated article - it sounds like Colin is the only one that's got the right of it. Thom and Ed can just relax a little.

    rock n roll hall of fame is complete bullshit, though. he's completely right. 

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