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  1. what a terrible travesty fallen upon our brethren, maybe i will reinstall sometime

  2. we should form a group with rael & brandon

  3. no i uninstalled it!! have you

  4. no :( but, your attempt to help me get dinner makes me forever in debt to you, you scottish king.

  5. yes, yes you did. m/

  6. Gotcha! Wasn't worried about it, I just found it, hm, "interesting" I suppose would be the most correct word.

  7. Hello Cindy! I'm taking this here because I didn't want to stray the Limbaugh thread off topic; wuz this bizness about you defending my right to post here? I must have missed this.

  8. Hi Nataliiie :)

    Well shoot, we got a lot of good schools here. I go to UMass Boston, there's no campus but it's great/only getting better despite the fact that people want to privatize it (bleeargh) but there's a bunch more, Northeastern, Emmanuel, and if you're feeling lucky you can always try for MIT and Harvard :P

  9. thanks i drew it myself

  10. aw, well thanks. that was real nice of ya!

  11. oh my! thanks cindy! were you just feeling nice or was it something i said

  12. my AIM is harrington1221 if you get it. hope to talk to you soon gurben

  13. hello foppe i simply use AIM. i have also been on eel's minecraft server

  14. noooooo i need thaaaaat

  15. well, that's where my next home will be in spring/summer. don't have anything picked out yet, but my friends and i have decided JP is where we wanna be. move back over here! it's a better town now!

  16. -Ryan

    damn, really? i wasn't trying to make it that way but it just sorta happened!

  17. whoaaa new mazzy star and bella! you lived in jamaica plain right?

  18. oh what a world, what a well made pearl.........

  19. hello andrea, i heard that you and rael have another MC server. i'd like some more info if possible! i won't ruin your map. i just want more fun!!!

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