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  1. mbv rihanna charli kari sting shaggy kyri listen to charli
  2. and my boyfriend's in a band he plays guitar while i sing "creep"
  3. I hope Lana enters the courtroom wielding the lightning-power of Odin to cleanse Radiohead clean and that the matter is rightly crumpled up and thrown into the courtroom trashbin.
  4. -Ryan


    i wouldn't say it was because of slack. this place became dead long before slack.
  5. used to love this band but the stuff they've been putting out lately is what i'd call "naff" so i pretty much stop at witchcult today which is fine because that still feels like their new album to me even though it's 10 years old. black masses was ok, couldn't get through time to die i was so bored and the song i heard from this one was lame.
  6. -Ryan


    yes please join snap
  7. videotape is cathartic. probably my favorite closer they've done.
  8. it's gross to me to pit two sexual predators against each other and trying to see which one is the better man. and if you are shocked and outraged that trump would do this then, i don't know, you must be falling short of understanding what kind of person donald trump is.
  9. let's not compare and contrast sexual predatory behavior because it's rotten and shameful
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