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  1. to upload it to rapidshare, which doesn't accept files more than 100MB
  2. i think it was offline for a moment; just try later don't buy bootlegs! they even didn't record them by themselves! they're just fucking assholes trying to get some money from other people's work. bootlegs are supposed to be freely shared
  3. np i'll share later salamanca DVD elderporto, the best you can do is reading FAQ from trackers. it will tell you which software is good for them (not all of them are authorized) and how can you use them. it's pretty easy, believe me, you just need patience
  4. maybe MU but it takes your time. i'll do my best i'll also torrent salamanca DVD from '02
  5. don't pay for a bootleg!!! avoid all those greedy assholes here as soon as i can, i will upload this DVD to dimeadozen
  6. one of the stupidest things i've ever seen in a message board. what an asshole. if you have prejudices against mexicans it's because of you who believes in mass media shit. typical of gringos
  7. 15 step http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8e59Z949Pq4
  8. 1993-06-04 Gotenburg in my blog thanks irrilevance for sharing those mp3's !!!
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