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  1. I've created a simple page on Facebook to link all news stories to called, unsurprisingly, The Radiohead News. Please feel free to join if you're already on Facebook. It may work. It may fall down. Who knows? Thanks http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/pages/The-Radiohead-News/265508388211?ref=ts
  2. My gym has closed the pool for a refurb and I need somewhere to swim my 1 and 2 mile distnces, perhaps Mr Greenwood would let me use his, to test it out so to speak?
  3. Just heard this reported on BBC Radio 5 Live. Excellent news, but having just moved flat, I've no broadband to download this until the 14th! I shall have to learn the art of patience. (On work PC, but can't download to it)
  4. Booked a Sunday ticket this morning. Bit pricey, but a rare event and there was no sign of festival warm up gigs - didn't fancy Reading or Leeds.
  5. Just in case this hasn't surfaced yet, it's the questions Colin was asked: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/8056109.stm
  6. I thought it might be in that rumours thread somewhere. Cheers. Here's hoping they play a few warm up gigs that I can get hold of tickets for to see these few new songs at.
  7. Anyone posted this yet? It only appeared on the bbc this morning: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/8055075.stm
  8. I'd love to see Bloc Party again and I've wanted to see the Yeah Yeah Yeah for a few years, but I've only ever heard bad things about Reading / Leeds and at
  9. I'm interested to know this too. I'd also like to tag on is it worth it for the vids of just the 3 or 4 extra bbc tracks on each one that I could get through Itunes for 79p each?
  10. I remember now... would have been 13 if I'd have made it into the brick lane club (93 feet club) - but I faied. Saw Thom in a taxi though.
  11. 12 times so far: Oct 94 Cambridge, pre The Bends tour 98 Birmingham NEC, OKC tour warrington Kid A tent tour Glasto 03 Nottingham HTTT Manchester HTTT Blackpool Empress Ballroom, pre IR tour Wolverhampton, pre IR tour Thom and Jonny at Koko, Camden Paris, IR Tour London, Victoria Park 1st night IR Tour Manchester, IR tour Thought it was 13... that's going to do my head in until I go through my gig tickets book
  12. I was thinking along the lines of a few warm up shows to test a little new material. Glad to know that this was actually a new story when I posted it though. Glad I checked for replies.
  13. Is this really old news? I didn't know there was a possibility of UK shows until today, aside from Reading rumours.
  14. Thanks for the slap round the chops! lol Must remember to go on here more often.
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