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  1. Not true... approaching all discussions with that mindset (which by the way, is "logic" ) would just eliminate the pointless arguing. You can discuss why you like something more than something else without suggesting that everyone who disagrees is wrong, which just gets people riled up about nothing. You don't have to pretend your opinion is fact for it to be worth offering.
  2. I'm sure I've made a post like this somewhere at some other point in time, but allow me to point something out; There is no good use of the terms 'overrated' and 'underrated'. When you use one of those terms, you're basically saying that not enough people have the "correct" opinion on the value of something, and of course the opinion you're basing the statement on is your own. This is arrogant. There is no universal 'worth' or 'value' of art. It's all subjective. There's no right way to make it, there's no right way to digest it, and there's no right way to value it. People who like the album less than you do are not wrong, and they are equally arrogant if they call it 'overrated'. [ I know that most people who use the terms don't intend it in an arrogant way, but it's good to realise that you are implying that your opinions are more correct than other people's, which is clearly arrogant and untrue. ]
  3. Packt achieves what it sets out to, but it seems a bit of an underwhelming track to me, especially as an opener. The rest of the album is solid gold, including Pulk and Hunting Bears.
  4. There is a cause for physical existence (even if that cause is the nature of existence itself)... but to personify that cause is an absolute joke. So no, I do not believe in God.
  5. No offense to anyone here, but Atease had better conversations I mean obviously it was as full of garbage and dick heads as any other large forum.. but those rare good conversations always had a decent number of really good posters pitching in and bringing up genuinely interesting points, and I'm yet to see or participate in a discussion that reaches those levels here.
  6. I would say it was out of their comfort zones only in the sense that they did it quickly with the emphasis on capturing a performance rather than tinkering in the studio. In a production sense though it definitely didn't break any new ground for the band, so you could look at that as a comfort zone. Bottom line is, the band want to keep pushing themselves to do new and different things that scare them rather than falling into old habits because they are easy or comfortable. They obviously think a new producer will help that, and they of all people are in a position to know that.. in which case I think it can only be a good thing.
  7. I do tend to enjoy a few songs off My Iron Lung better than a great deal of The Bends...
  8. Yup. You can even hear it in 'Meeting People is Easy', played at a soundcheck.
  9. Yeah I just listened to it, kind of cancels out one of my points. The impression I got from what people posted on here was that HTTT was an example of that comfort zone, ah well.
  10. I would assume that, to all but the shallowest of people, his genius makes him considerably attractive.
  11. He looks like Jonny. Why does he need to look like anything else?
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