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  1. The hell MT and Radiohead are still alive. I will now go check Dead Air Spa....ouh....the boys are still gone.
  2. Thats it folks, RH are going away. They are clearing up their shelves. OKC should close with I Promise
  3. Just posting to say hi to the what will be the best track in the remastered album, Man O War
  4. Feeeeling pulled apart by wind.
  5. Can't wait for AMSP Pt.2 Let's look for clues!
  6. Radiohead, bunch of stealing buggers. They took Creep from TLC & Simply Red, riff of Black Star from a Bowie song, High & Dry from Coldplay, Kid A from Aphex Twin, Airbag from DJ Shadow, Nude outro from The Little Mermaid. bunch of stealing buggers they are. SUE THEM!!
  7. I love how this album is basically Thom's 'Ghost Stories', haha
  8. Identikit was so bad...like seriously...what was that???
  9. Not available in my country, hahaha!! phew!!
  10. I hope they do Burn The Witch right.....oh wai.....
  11. Naked, wet and on the living room floor. shivering after a cold shower, sitting in a fetal position. One hand on the dick, anticipating. And my Audio Technica cans.
  12. It's gonna be 2am here when they released it!! FUCK!!!!
  13. In two days we can start to speculate about LP10 already.
  14. melancap cap cap fap fap fap fap fap fap.....aaahhhhhhhhhh
  15. Daydreaming - Sounds of a snoring Thom
  16. Did this place just got another mega crash ala previous album announcement, haha
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