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  1. The hell MT and Radiohead are still alive. I will now go check Dead Air Spa....ouh....the boys are still gone.
  2. Thats it folks, RH are going away. They are clearing up their shelves. OKC should close with I Promise
  3. Just posting to say hi to the what will be the best track in the remastered album, Man O War
  4. Feeeeling pulled apart by wind.
  5. Can't wait for AMSP Pt.2 Let's look for clues!
  6. Radiohead, bunch of stealing buggers. They took Creep from TLC & Simply Red, riff of Black Star from a Bowie song, High & Dry from Coldplay, Kid A from Aphex Twin, Airbag from DJ Shadow, Nude outro from The Little Mermaid. bunch of stealing buggers they are. SUE THEM!!
  7. I love how this album is basically Thom's 'Ghost Stories', haha
  8. Identikit was so bad...like seriously...what was that???
  9. Not available in my country, hahaha!! phew!!
  10. I hope they do Burn The Witch right.....oh wai.....
  11. Naked, wet and on the living room floor. shivering after a cold shower, sitting in a fetal position. One hand on the dick, anticipating. And my Audio Technica cans.
  12. It's gonna be 2am here when they released it!! FUCK!!!!
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